The old fuel pipe issue !!! Who can you trust !!!

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  1. Not mine but........

    Shaun Dale
    22 May at 20:04
    Hi all had a close shave. When my wife tried starting Lola the other day to smell petrol. After investigation we found the fuel pipe was leaking. To my surprise as the pipes were brand new from last February with the new Webber’s from Euro Carbs the photo shows the pipes were perished and the email attached is there comment. Be careful check your pipes please.


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  2. Holy sh*t, mine's fuel injected but i got all my hose from Advanced Fluid Solutions, been on a couple of years now and i'm under it at the moment and all looks good so far.... Glad you're ok!
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  3. I have CODAN R9 for 3 years now and all ok so far. Glad you spotted the leak before your van went up in flames.
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  4. Its the heat from the engine plus the ethanol. Notice how it splits from the outside in.

    Scarily the Halfords R9 they used to sell has been on my bus for about 4 years. Maybe a bit hard on the outside.
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  5. Somebody remind me tomorrow to check mine. My is left standing a lot. It terrifies me seeing this. :(

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  6. you can get the CODAN R9 5.6 mm from Ebay and I used the same to replace the fuel breather hoses. and make sure you use a metal pipe section, 6mm, where it enters the bulkhead, rubber hose will chafe and split.
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  7. I don't mean to be the profit of doom but, take care ordering hose from Ebay. I am not saying don't, just check the supplier. There is some dodgy stuff about.
  8. davidoft

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    Never change mine, was running factory pipe, all good :)
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  9. Used them on mine as well, they are bio-diesel so should last for years. Fi so uses a lot of fuel clips (14 pieces and 28 clips). Been on for 3 years now.
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    @Ermintrude as I know you’ve already been knocked up, go outside now and check your fuel hoses :)
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  11. got my codan r9 5.6 mm from volksbolts ebay shop.
  12. I'm sure mine was from there too. I've often said that the fuel hoses should be checked on a yearly basis. I think there should be an annual 'Check Your Fuel Hose Day' .

    Last year, when my engine was out, I noticed the hose from the pump to the hose splitter (I have twin carbs) was beginning to crack. Not convinced this was ethanol related, more likely to be heat damage being close to the heat exchanger - not the best place for a fuel pump IMHO but there it is.
    They're due for another check so that'll be a job for Monday.
  13. Get down there ... :rolleyes:

  14. 6mm Gates off the reel at the local motor factors. My last lot lasted ten years.

    a fuel hose 6s.jpg
  15. Bugger I’m not home yet! Remind me later

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  16. checked mine today, and confirmed its began to perish and crack on the outside .. no fuel leaks but best to swap it out now ... looked fine until I gave it a bend .. was a little surprised to say the least.. Will be rehosing it before the next big trip.. in a few weeks time ... maybee sooner .. Thanks for the reminder .. :) mines only been on a year and a half.. A small length of hose from the filter to the pump ( electric) came out of a pierberg repair kit and its perfect. Been on the same length of time as the other hose ..
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  18. I looked at the temp range for that stuff as it seems to be heat thats killing the hose rather than ethanol.. the only pipes that have any sign of perishing are those that run close to the heads ( twin carbs) the resst of the pipe from the tank and the crossdresser , which are all away from any heat source are still fine ..

    the hose from advanced fluid solutions is good for a temp range up to 125 degrees C or short term to 140.. Im thinking of making up steel pipes with short rubber joiners.. at the carb ends.. but in the short term might just plump for the stuff I currently have on as I can get it local. Its en 8?? R9
  19. what you run your bus on elephant wee?

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