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  1. its ted

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    And also my old rusty sinka sadly all sold to make way for the panel van

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  2. NOVA received... registration next... blimey it's a long process...
  3. its ted

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    Yep it sure is lol
  4. V5 arrived

    Insured..mot and tax exempt had a service while waiting...

    Plates ordered.. might even get to drive him next week!.... to the garage for a once over maybe

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  5. its ted

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    Looking good
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  6. Congrats.

    Glad that went smoothly for you.

    They gave me a number starting with OBA.

    Did you get something similar ?


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  7. I'm a YNE but got an L reg ok.. DVLA went fine ...they even rang me to check if it was a pick up or panel van.

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  8. It's a here's Wally game?

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