"The Bug"

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  1. ^^^^^^ that was a joke by the way.
  2. Too Late!
  3. https://vwheritage.mobi/GB/productDetails.cfm?iItemID=53819207
    Has anyone had one of these. I have a dilemma. I'm currently running with very good USA Fi heat exchangers and exhaust but the silencer is shot. A new one is £180 for reproduction quality mild steel. I could get stainless steel and j tubes for the same price. The car is used through the winter but I only travel 3 miles each way so could live with out lukewarm air.
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  4. It says top quality but also very loud. Am I too old for this kind of thing.:thinking:
  5. Just read a volksworld review on this. A comprehensive report on several exhausts fitted to the same car , dyno tests etc. Apparently it's sh1t. I'm going to stop being a tight wad and get the standard jobby.
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  6. Fitted standard fuel injection exhaust. From vwh. Very good fit and nice quality. Still need to make a heater pipe up to the manifold.
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  7. Oil change and wash. Still used every day
  8. 20170618_122707.jpg
  9. 20170618_122750.jpg
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  10. 20170618_122808.jpg
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  11. Thinking of getting a front brake disc conversion kit from Vee Wee. £260 all in. Anyone got one???
  12. Why what's wrong with the drums that are on?
  13. Brake judder and an intermittent habit of getting hot after a long journey if adjusted “correctly “
  14. I put discs on my bug years ago, the drums worked as they should but the problem is the numpty in front with power assisted ABS that hammers the brakes for no good reason, I wouldn't go back for a daily driver (which mine was until last year).:thumbsup:
  15. Where can you get 'GB' badge like that?
  16. Yes that's right. I use it as my daily and it's okay but now and then I hit the motorway and that's when they show their age.
  17. COOL AIR VW Sell them £15
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  18. 20171212_071855.jpg It's been a bit chilly this week
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  19. Ref the IMDU it's still running better than ever and also seems to be using a lot less fuel. Happy :easter:
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