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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. I'll check it out soon hopefully.
    Off the top of my head that fuse has immobiliser, generator / alternator light, oil pressure light. Plus 3 gauges oil temp, pressure and rev counter.

    It takes quite a lot of revs to put the red generator light out when it first starts. More so than usual the other day.

    Ill see what happens when I pull the fuse with the engine running. Immobiliser kicks in perhaps?
  2. Manual fuel pump.
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  3. The fuses are fairly clean & new.

    The fuse hadn't melted, but the plastic of the fuse board has. There is a good chance that this melting halppend in the past and the cause of it was fixed at the time. I have a distant memory of it, I just can't remember. I do know the fuse cover has a big melt mark in from ages ago.

    Perhaps when a fuse blew ages ago, it also melted the plastic fuse box behind it, the cause of the fuse blowing was sorted, but the melted plastic behind it wasn't. New fuse was fine for ages then became loose, and caused issue the other day. I'm guessing. I'll go and do some checks and tests.
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  4. Modern fuse bodies are plastic and melt.
    A fuse with current flow is meant to be heating up to the melting point of the fuse wire by the time it reaches 8 or 16 amps.
    So it melts plastic..
    In the olden days the fuse bodies were ceramic and could take the pressure of the springs while the fuse wire was getting hot.
    Go and look out old ceramic fuse bodies and when the fuse blows replace the metal strip from a modern plastic fuse.
    Or chuck the fuse box - my solar setup started with bullet fuses but kept on quietly failing. It now has blade fuses.
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  5. Day

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    Some very useful info on that article.
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  6. Worth looking at the wiring coming into the fusebox top and bottom to see whether previous owners have bodged anything in.
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  7. Just been and done a quick check up.

    Started engine, all fine, fuse not warm.
    Pulled fuse - engine cuts out.
    Diagnosis for now: Immobiliser is on that circuit, so if the fuse comes out the engine cuts out.

    I will look at it in more detail at some point (possibly techenders), but I think the wiring used to have a problem, melted the fuse box and a fuse and melted the fuse cover.
    I then got it sorted, but didn't remove the melted plastic.
    Fast forward many years to now and the melted plastic on the fuse box means the connection to this fuse is not as good as the others. I think i drove over a bump, the fuse came loose but didn't blow and new fuse and pushing the bottom holder up tighter sorted it.

    I will of course keep an eye on that fuse as i may well have developed a problem on that circuit. If there is a problem why didn't the fuse blow though?
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  8. Thanks for that, very interesting reading.

    I've been and had another look and the past issue that melted the fuse cover seems to be on fuse 8.
    Current issue is with fuse 9. Behind this fuse is melted plastic fuse box (Which i now have no idea when happened).

    So my updated diagnosis is: I haven't got a clue!

    They have just gritted the roads, so I won't be using it for a while.
    I know if I start poking around in the fuse box then ill make matters worse.
    It works at the moment so ill just be very vigilant next time i'm out for a spin.
    Ill have a proper check over when there are competent people about!

    The fuse location picture kindly posted by @nicktuft is helpful. Thanks.
    Mine is 72 or 73 fuse box. If i pull fuse 11 the Warning lights go out, as does the oil pressure gauge.
    They also go out when i pull fuse 9 out!

    I should have posted a separate mech tech thread, rather than clutter this one up.
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  9. TBH, I'd remove the immobiliser, as if it goes wonky it'll immobilise you when you don't want it to (like when you're overtaking a truck). Bays are pretty easy to hot wire anyway, so doesn't really serve a purpose.

    Used (original) fuse boxes do come up on fleaBay from time to time.
  10. I'll keep my eye out for a fuse box.

    No idea how I'd go about removing the immobiliser.

    It's been in for 18 years and this is the first time, fuse has cut out or fallen out.
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  11. Finally changed his door mirrors. Sad to say farewell to my (original) Hagus's, but they were so corroded, they looked like something brought up from the Mary Rose. And I got tired of looking through four layers of algae :eek:...

    a door mirror 6s.jpg
  12. Thinking about this more.

    At the moment any wire with a problem on that fuse could cause the immobiliser to cut the engine.

    If the immobiliser was on its own separate fuse, it would minimise the chances of failing and cutting the engine out.

    Still need to find & fix whatever caused the issue on fuse 9.
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  13. Filled up a hole in the deformation panel with a quick smear of P38 fibreglass filler and then gave it a blow over of stonechip then blue paint.
    Went round patching stone chips to stop them getting worse.
    Checked the oil.
    Then went over to the Hillier Gardens with my wife for lunch in the bus.
    Back home removed the steering wheel and rotated it on the splines.
    Checked and replaced one glowplug on my wifes 307.
    Then more patching stone chips on the bus.
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  14. Fitted stainless mondo that I got from Stanford last year. Seem to of spent all spare time on beetle.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  15. 4DCF236D-A5F7-49E4-B32F-75595D5A6C76.jpeg First go at spraying and pleased so far
  16. I have created a monster :eek:

    a wiring 3 6s.jpg
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  17. No, proper ones. Just rather a lot of them.
  18. 8E59FB06-B718-49AC-8BBB-9C4BDC6AAE9E.jpeg The wind did it...

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