The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. It’ll chafe, mark my words :eek:
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  2. ordered some lush interior panels from @delilah
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  3. Took it to have some pre- booked tyres fitted. Only had one in stock. Rebooked for next Tuesday.

    The price of lowering is to lose the inner edge of both rear tyres wearing through the tread rubber while there is still at least 5mm tread across 75% of the tyre. Legal but about to show the steel reinforcement.

    I think in this case running at 45 psi fixes that , as the wear slowed when I went up from 40psi (max on the tyres is 50psi)
  4. Visiting my folks so took them up to Sandringham in it for a walk. Lovely. Proper muddy but a good ramble. [​IMG]

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  5. Did you pop in and see Liz?
  6. Welded up the skins of the rear valance where it had been pinged by a rear end collision or two. Original plug welds were pretty sketchy when it was assembled back in 2011.

    Not saying my welds were any good either.

    Determined that my bald edged rear tyres have lasted 15000 miles since new. Not so bad.

    Replaced a 30 amp fuse cross linking the batteries via a big Schottky diode
    It tends to blow when the starter battery is a bit flat and the leisure battery has a go at starting the engine. Its because I will fit a VSR but so far I have only got the diode in circuit. Time to do something.
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  7. Screwed me buddy seat on :thumbsup:

    a buddy seat strap 6s.jpg
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  8. She was all tied up in some shenanigans with her Grandson so just palmed us off with some carrot cake and pot of Earl Grey.

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  9. Put some fresh fuel in, started her up, no issues, well, almost, either the floats or the
    needle valves stuck yet again. Course, I drained her completely a couple of months ago, so the fuel would have been rushing in :rolleyes:
  10. Painted the welds I did yesterday.
    Refitted the engine bay seal and lock.
    At least now the whole valance doesn't flex when I shut the hatch.
    Hit the rear bumper with hammer and jumped on it to reduce the curve put in it by an Astra a while back.

    The top and bottom flat bits of an after market bumper can be shaped with your fingers.. not like the original that needed Mjolnir to have any effect on it ( or an Audi or a car park bollard)

    I am glad I kept my original bumper, I can see myself doing a proper resto on it with thick steel..

    Changed the solar cell isolator switch on the Epever solar charger setup for something a bit less crummy ( a 10 amp rated mains light switch ..)
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  11. Pushed it down my street after it broke down on the corner...

    I was thinking how much I loved being in it on the way home too..

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  12. Should have been doing wiring but decided to weld in the brackets for the leisure battery instead and painted them with primer. Got a coat of paint on my dash, paint tin lid, fuel tank cover and engine hatch.
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  13. Right, I'm all strapped up. That's it. Never want to see any buddy-related items again.

    a strapped buddy seat 6s.jpg
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  14. Like those gauge holes :thumbsup:
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  15. Thank you. I was surprised they fitted. I did a trial fit of the gauges with a radio and the ashtray - snug but they do fit :)
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  16. Very neat. I moved mine up to the dash (now I'm no longer frightened to look at them), but stuck 'em in the radio slot with an adaptor I bought...about 15 years ago. These things take time.
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  17. Sounds like my usual kind of time scale.
  18. My mission for the next six months is to use up all the van stuff I've still got in the garage. Centre belly pan's still not on, and I painted that...oooh...five years ago? Don't want to rush these things.
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  19. :rolleyes:
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  20. Was waiting for that. What kept you ;)?
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