The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Laura Ashley.
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  2. Fitted new seatbelt, then plumbed in external oil pressure sensor, took me ages to find the bit of oil pipe I had specially made up to connect the remote sensor, it was kicking around the Bus all summer, then I went and tidied it up :rolleyes:
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  3. Fitted new sound insulation above the perforated tins in the engine bay. Really glad I once picked up a quality 1/4 inch flexible drive thats about 2 feet long at the local brickworks museum for 50 p. Stuck a 6mm drill in it and I could reach all of the original pop rivets.
    Used 30mm aluminium faced adhesive closed cell black foam to replace toasted lambswool in a melted plastic bag.
    Replaced OG big head pop rivets with standard 5mm pop rivets with M6 penny washers... just as well the yacht chandlers is 200m down the hill in the marina.


    Then spliced in a £20 Chinese LSU4.2 lambda sensor clone into the PLX AFR . It was going on the blink after an hour of driving .. and indicating incorrectly beforehand. It had done about 60k miles.

    Then stuck the remainder of my foam sheet in the tailgate, on the engine lid and under the rear seat.

    Not bad for 2 metres of foam.
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  4. I thought Chinese 4.2 was "Crispy Duck"?
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  5. Day

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    I think I'll replace my 'lambswool in a melted plastic bag' insulation.

    Good idea:thumbsup:
  6. Put it back on it wheels for the first time in nearly a year just got to sort the windscreen and doors then paint.
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  7. :thumbsup:
  8. As @Mark Darby 's shown us all up with his fancy wiring diagram ;), thought I'd better tidy up my fag-packet stuff. Very soothing...

    Van Wiring.png
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  9. :thumbsup: Back to the drawing board for me as the uploaded file doesn't have an allowed extension.
  10. Now that looks like a proper professional job. All nice and neat and every legible. No spaghetti junction stuff, just lots of clear parallel lines. The thing with the new style is if I can't see where the ends go, I can't get it :confused:
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  11. Plenty more to go on it, if I could only find all the fag packets I wrote it down on...
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  12. I took the bus to work. The 30mm foam has converted a harsh engine roar into a duller but still noticeable engine note. At idle its starting to be swamped by noisy cars beside it in traffic queues.

    Just to prove I was distracted I drove all the way home on 4 watt LED side lights which are dim but very bright for side lights.
    They make you think the headlights are very dirty as you can still see the road in pitch darkness. ...
  13. Walked past it. It’s almost officially a proper rat van.
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  14. Changed the fuel metering valve in the carburettor- it was surging and juddering after cruising at 45mph on the M27.
    The AFR gauge showed very rich too..
    It took a mere 30 minutes from start to finish in the works car park.

    Old valve has a noticeable wear ring.

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  15. .
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  16. Let's try again. All done!


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