The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

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  1. We found Matt along the way

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  2. Had a good day on Major. Got the cab headliner fitted and the small wooden strips above the windows fitted and the white finishing trim back on.

    20190511_115500611_iOS.jpg 20190511_115517701_iOS.jpg 20190511_115531751_iOS.jpg
  3. Painted some repair panels in zinc primer so I can start welding back in soon.
    Inner sill repair
    Middle sill repair
    Rear outer sill
    Closing panel for wheel tub and small bit of the floor.
    No pics as my hands had paint all over...I do have boxes of rubber gloves but didn't think of that....
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  4. Bought some new front indicator seals from JK to replace the ones I got from C&C which are wrong.

    Took apart and cleaned up the wiring for the NSF indicator which had decided to stop working on Fridays drive home from the workshop.
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  5. Painted rear wheels and refitted, painted latest patches on rear chassis, fitted top hat diverter things to heat exchangers and connected to front. The new fan has arrived so that’ll be the next job.
    Good to see the van back on four wheels!
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  6. Heard that hair spray is pretty good but you have to be quick..
  7. been doing a bit more on NOO NOO
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  8. I removed this
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  9. Started to weld in some repairs.....
    First to go in was the missing bit or rear floor.
    Then the inner sill repair
    Welds are a bit pants but you won't see them and I know they have penetrated through.
    So I now have a floor and inner sill
    Not much done but every bit helps.

    Next to do middle sill and make some repairs for the bottom of the piller...
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  10. Today was change the speedometer cable day.


    Using some plastic box binding (great stuff to aide breaking into your van when you’ve left your keys inside) I attached it to the end of the cable and then pulled from in the cab.


    Once the old one was out I swapped the nasty plastic threaded piece for the original metal one and put tape around the cable so the threaded piece can’t slide down the cable into the front clip.


    Pulled it back through using the afore mentioned binding and threaded it where the original had been and reconnected it all.


    Now just got to sort the bloomin horn.


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  11. Put it forsale on as many facebook groups and pages i'm a member of.

  12. Louey
  13. Refitted my watertanks last night, after having the welding done last month. Plumbed the water pump back in tonight. Just the bathroom to rebuild

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  14. Not as much as I wanted but not a lot of time free today....
    So at least my homemade middle sill repair all welded in. I had wanted to sort the pillar bottom that's non existant but that will be for another day..
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  15. Put an indicator bulb back straight and fixed a dodgy earth on a stoplight bulb after bashing them when I raided the leisure battery to jump start the boat engine.

    Both boat batteries had lost electrolyte and capacity after three years with a small 20 watt solar cell without any regulator. Unfortunately I managed to pop the alternator on the boat engine because I forgot the posts are the other way round on a leisure battery.... duh...
  16. New hobby ... Electrolytic "rust-be-gone"
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  17. Didn't... but on the Bug front....took off the Berg traction bar to see if I can make him a tad more civilized as a Street Car!

    The idea of the Berg bar, is it braces the gearbox and engine against the rear bodywork to help prevent wheel hop when you drop the clutch in 1st at 3500rpm.

    Trouble is the Berg bar transmits every last noise in the drive train back into the body shell, and manages to undo various nuts and bolts that aren't thread-locked in the process, this is fine for drag racing but wears you very very thin on a street car, especially after a couple of hours on the road. M-way journeys require ear plugs and a getting out to massage your backside back into life about every 180 miles.

    The whole process involved re-siting the external oil filter and oil lines which was interesting..

    I took him for a test drive to see if I had got a new oil leak...just a slight oil weep on one of the oil lines to attend to :)

    He's at tad more civilized, but driving the car is still the most fun I've ever had without being horizontal, new rear shocks up next, got some Koni reds on order :)
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  18. Did you take the Cortina out as well?
  19. Sorry, you got the wrong chap :)
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  20. Put the bathroom walls back in, fitted the bathroom cabinet and just about to put the toilet in (after a deep clean and removing the sealant from around it). It WILL be ready for next weekend

    Still got to line the walls with some cladding, fit the sink, wardrobe and 'tidy' the electrics [​IMG][​IMG]

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