The all new, new, what has your bus done to you today thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dub and Dubber, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. A special place to "vent" about those cuts, blisters, bruises .... and leaks, paint runs, rust holes, snappings, squeakings, tweakings, rattlings, seizings, clunkings etc etc
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  2. Your talking about my camper aren’t you ?
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  3. :D ... I guessed there might be a rich vein to tap here.
    Not a bitch up, more a celebration of our committment?
  4. Got me to work!

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  5. Should include one of those with every sale ....
    so it's genuinely "turnkey"
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  6. Hope it goes ok. I had some rust taken out at the start of my resto. Not something I'd wish to repeat.
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  7. All over bar the shouting now - still on the eye drops and waking up with a doris day haze over the world! :D
  8. Did you know that Stevie wonder had a camper, he said he should of worn goggles so be warned:thumbsup:
  9. I was wearing safety specs!! I think a visor would be better next time :oops:
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  10. Get a pair of jaffa Uvex goggles from sunny Screwfix. Not too uncomfotable.
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  11. Ray Charles told me he’d never do another resto.
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  12. Good call, there’s a Screwfix in Bingley if you didn’t already know :thumbsup:
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  13. What, so not like the plastic safety specs I picked up for 50p a pair in the Ringwood InExcess store the other day then? :D
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  14. Classy!
  15. You know it!
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  16. Or one of these DFE5F10A-4829-4322-A323-0D9B5A0AE097.jpeg
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  17. There’s one in Shipley too, opposite the Moss shop... but may not need any soon ;)
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  18. Is that one of those nag proofing helmets husbands can wear when they get in a little late from the pub?
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  19. Now you tell me! That would’ve been perfect.
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