The all new Motorhome section on the TLB

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Geordie, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. ideas
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  2. Moons

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    I listed this under ‘bad’

    I might upgrade to ‘terrible’.
  3. You’ve heard havnt ya ,it’s all over the papers ! Hove actually ! Pie keys are getting them now ,,,,,,,,,arriving at a seafront near you soon :D
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  4. I bet you have one :D
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  5. Moons

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    A motor home?

    Nope....I suspect it’s because I also have all my own teeth and don’t wear trousers with elastic waistband.
  6. Look the Beetle motorhome gonna happen order now or pay double.
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  7. Yer Yer i bet you do! Rock on Tommy
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  9. Terrordales

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  10. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  11. Why?
    This is errrrrr TLB!
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  12. I don’t read the Daily Express, so I’m out.
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  13. The Express. Farage. The state of both of them. WTAF?!
    Anyway... back to motor homes.
    I don’t see why not?!
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  14. Why would anyone want to reverse a perfectly good van into a caravan?
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  15. @Geordie Have you been looking at my eBay searches??

    A MH section will be a hangout for @davidoft

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  16. Merlin Cat

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    I just clicked on that, albeit a little nervously, and there’s a fab section called Motorhome sitter, where people want house sitters for when they’re away. I now want to live in a van/mh and spend my days staying in other people’s houses :)
  17. The meds are wearing off again aren't they :rolleyes:
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  18. A few of my mates sold their vw’s and bought motorhomes...or big vans you can stand up in, and converted them.

    I got to admit, everything’s a lot easier to do in them.
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  19. That sounds like a good idea

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