the adventures of my 1972 ....

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  1. ....folding bike

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  2. so a couple of years ago ,
    i had a mountain bike ,claude butler, i still have it ,
    mrs b had a vintage Raleigh

    but we decided that when visiting various citys
    it would be a good idea to carry folding bikes in the car ..:thinking:

    so off i went onto ebag and i bought 6 second hand folding bikes ...:eek:

    all needing repair from a bike dealer
    they were £45....

    i repaired 5 of them and sold them for £20 each ....:chewie:

    i kept the pick of the bunch ..
    the 1972 {same age as my westy] elite folder from Austria....:)

    1st ride out ...

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  3. a few tweeks saddle , white wall tyres ..:cool:
    and old school bell....:)

    made it into the centre of london this week ..
    13.5 miles from hanger lane to tower bridge...:cool:


    then 13 miles back ....:eek:
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    Please please please put a photo/video of you actually riding it :)
  5. How did you lose .5miles on your return ?
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  6. It was prob a bit more..
    There are lots of routes when your in a city...;)

    Around the city on the way there..
    And along the south bank on the way back..:hattip:
  7. Now I know it's a bit sexy ..

    .and I'm your man crush...:p
    But I can't see that happening..
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  8. did you do any mountain stages?
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    Actually you're probably right :). I've got an image of you cycling it cheerily through the big city and best if I keep that image instead of ruining it (possibly) with real life! :D
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  10. True....I would have clothes on in the pics..:D..
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  12. you're in luck .....
    @Merlin Cat

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    I don't know why @artb but the thought of you, and seeing you, on the bike just make me laugh :p. I liked the thought of you cycling it up to the fence to look at the racing cars - that made me laugh too :D
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  14. Meh that's nowt..;)

    As I forgot the lock and it was hissing down
    I took the bike up stairs into the grandstands...
    Pic to follow..:)
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  15. best seat in the house ...:)


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  16. found a parking spot at the ace cafe,

    after 26 miles around london ...


    i had a great bacon sandwich and chips and a well deserved pint of boddingtons..
    vw audi nite too...
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    You are my favourite gimpy friend! :) x
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  18. Thanx..

    Is that a good thing...:thinking:
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    Defo :D
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    Loving this thread. :thumbsup:

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