Ted's French Adventure

Discussion in 'France' started by top banana racing, Sep 10, 2014.

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    Brill. You also achieved quite a first. A forum picture of Doug, Mick and Tuesday w. :thumbsup:
  2. The 'avoid motorways' thing is the best - we did almost the entire route round France on RN and D roads too. I think the only motorways we used were the stretch from Calais to Boulogne, a bit just south of Rouen because I took a wrong turn, and a bit from just south of Limoges to Tours because we needed to get a wiggle on and get headed back north.

    Mick is notoriously camera-shy, which is why you haven't got any photos of him. I took one though:


    Some people are green-fingered, however @lost-en-france takes it to a whole new level. :lol:
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    We did Caen to Mick's in one hit mainly using the motorways. Its a long way, so to me the motorway made sense.
    On the way back, because we had more time, we did all the back roads which was much more relaxing!
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  4. I won't embarrass Mick by talking money but he's no lottery winner, it's all his own work, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with what he's done, all self taught from YouTube and bloody gorgeous it is.
    For fear of repeating myself, it was absolutely the best holiday we've ever had in Ted and much of that is thanks to Mick and Jackie. :)
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  5. ow cheers...:oops:

    you are most welcome again...:beer:
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  6. Hear hear. Mick's place is gorgeous, and Mick and Jackie are the nicest people you could wish to meet. :beer:
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    i could be offended if i thought you meant it, my bus is beautiful! i'll give you the ugly tho.
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  8. There's some dodgy geezer on eBay keeps messaging me about a chuffin fork, same as that one in these piccies...goes by the name of talentless racing - I've had three messages so far, jeez! :lol:
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