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  1. Just getting the van ready for Techenders and discovered problems.

    When i switched on the oil warning light didn’t come on, the radio has stopped working, the headlights wouldn’t switch to main beam and the fuel gauge hasn’t moved!

    Changed all the fuses so they are now all correct and working. Then I had a fiddle with the wires behind the dash just in case anything had come loose. This seemed to fix the headlights and the oil lamp but not the radio and the fuel!

    I’m hoping the fuel gauge is a wire problem rather than anything else. Anything i should try, could this be a job for techenders? If so what would i need to bring with me?

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  2. The only vitally important ones are the oil light and the alternator warning light. If either comes on suddenly .. stop.

    I will be bringing the usual electrical test gear with me to Techenders , especially the very useful Sealey automotive test probe.. can drive volts onto wires , measure voltage and stab yourself in the fingers with the insulation displacing probe tip..
    As far as the rest goes...

    Listen to the music of your engine, drive in the light.
    Provided you fill up every 200 miles the fuel gauge is not needed..
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  3. Thanks Mike! Took the instrument panel off cleaned all the connectors and put it back together, sill no change! Decided to give up and go for a drive. Filled it right up to make a note of the mileage and guess what! It worked!

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  4. Ok then, this lives behind the passenger seat with a basic toolkit roll and a first aid kit for when you have stabbed yourself with the Sealey probe..
  5. I had a similar thing with the bug recently and found that all the non working things were earthed at the same loose screw. Worth a check?
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  6. If the fuel gauge sprung into life once you have filled up the sender is probably worn at that point. I wish my van did 200 miles on a tank ha ha ha
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  7. That’s worth a look too thanks!

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  8. That’s what I’m worried about!

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  9. I’ve got one of those but don’t really know how to use it tbh!

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  10. It’s likely. The track on the sender does tend to get bald patches over time.
  11. Hi Folks................ just had a scorching few days in the Yorkshire Dales and my 1973 T2 Bay ran sweet as a nut going the 200 miles up but then decided she quite liked it up north (it wasn't grim after all) and didn't really want to come back!!!.

    It has happened before where she just gets really difficult to start, the day after a decent run out. Rang breakdown and the young lad that came out was useless and obviously never seen a set of points before (I had a spare set on board and tried this before I rang but this didn't do the trick) so we had to get recovered back home. I'm just waiting for bits and in the process of changing out pretty much all of my ignition system. Already put a new dizzy cap and rotor arm on and she's now just about starting but still not right and missing badly (with the odd backfire). HT Leads, condenser and new coil on the way. Thought about changing over to electronic ignition but not really sure whether the lump at the end of my fan belt is a dynamo or an alternator DOH! Someone mentioned Techenders so I was thinking of trying to get her up there on Saturday to see if I could pick up some tips on how to diagnose faults with a bit more science than my current method of randomly swapping bits out. I've been on the Techenders site and it says to let them know your coming on thelatebay .................. does anyone know how I do this?? Cheers
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  12. Search who’s coming to tech Enders and add name
  13. Or shout @paulcalf or @Baysearcher
  14. Same here - let's find @mikedjames at Techenders and have a chat with him!
  15. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]
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  16. It just means interacting on a forum first, rather than turning up as a complete stranger.

    All people with an interest in maintaining old vws are welcome at Techenders.

    I seem to remember someone suggested the 'don't turn up unannounced' line after someone turned up in a modern transporter thinking Techenders is like a VW show....which it certainly isn't.
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  17. I shall be only too happy to explain how to use the probe, apart from having accidents..
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  18. Excellent, cheers folks, really appreciate it!!. I think I've got her running a bit better now so should be able to make it up there on Saturday. I'll try that link Baysearcher and get myself involved. :thumbsup:
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