Techenders: 26th - 28th April 2019. Who's coming?

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  1. Don't need it, they know:eek:
    Just go on line to tax the vehicle and you'll be given the option to tick an mot exempt box. Simples...
    Then you full out form v70, download it from, fill it in, send it off with the log book.
    Log book and tax refund will be in the post to you:thumbsup:
    Only need to leave the house to get to the post box = no excuses...:):thumbsup:
  2. As a slightly more serious side to the mot exempt thing, and it has been mentioned before but worth saying it again, just check with your insurer that they cover you.
    We are with Lancaster.
    A royal pain in the arse to get hold of someone in general enquiries but their breakdown cover is exceptional.
    They state insurance cover on mot exempt vehicles and its in the small print on the policy documentation.
    However, the small print in the breakdown cover documents states the requirement for a current mot certificate.
    We phoned the breakdown line and the operative confirmed we were not covered for breakdown services unless we had a current mot, and of course they can check instantly!

    So their insurance and breakdown were not mutually compatible.

    They are now!
    Mrs Monkey got on their case and we have written confirmation of cover.
    We have an mot inspection report done outside the official system which is a condition of roadworthyness, which is a requirement of insurance.
    Bottom line, if it's mot exempt, it's still probably better to get an mot!
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  3. @Beaver are you coming?

    Haven’t seen/heard from you in ages
  4. post number 71 @Razzyh :thumbsup:
  5. Thanks , something I’ve been meaning to look into for a while, my mot is due soon , I think like you say probably better just to get an mot.

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  6. Has anyone else seen the forecast for the weekend, or should I not mentioned the W word

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  7. Shush you!
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  8. This weekend![​IMG]
  9. I hope you are going to clean that before you come

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  10. davidoft

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    Haven’t cleaned my van for 4 years :eek:
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  11. Which one !

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  12. I'll try otherwise @Geordie will be upset!
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  13. davidoft

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    Any of them :D
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  14. Merlin Cat

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    @davidoft you know I asked you about window felts? I also have a damaged window seal and wondered if you had any of these either please? :D I’ve taken some photos to show you.

    6C1E0986-3B0A-49D1-A2DF-86CEE83B8575.jpeg 662C14D3-FA08-4FD0-90A4-4E710F04E76C.jpeg 1E3A7AB5-D5DE-4F39-A9FE-B946303D7372.jpeg
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  15. Ooh yes, whilst you’re here @davidoft , can you remember my lovely sparkly shiney genuine hubcap please :)
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  16. davidoft

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    Thin yeah ?
  17. Yep. Ta my lovely x
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  18. davidoft

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  19. You Rebel you

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  20. Yes ! And in return for a mouldy old NY bagel

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