Techenders: 24th - 26th April 2020

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  1. bernjb56

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    Youngsters :rolleyes:
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  2. Bunch of pensioners! ;)
    I should be making an appearance at this one.
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  4. How rude ;) Baja or Bus?
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  5. Definitely the bus!
    Baja is a long way from seeing any roads.
    Although I can't see the welding taking me anywhere near as long as the bus. A good chunk of the rotten bits get chopped out for the baja kit, and the rest looks a doddle compared to the monster panels on a bus.
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  6. Shall b there

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  7. In the diary
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  8. Hope to be there- unless I’m not.

    Reslly should do the clutch release bearing.
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  9. Definitely maybe
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  10. See you all there :beer:
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  11. Hmmmmm. Many peeps already booked off from work. Could be tricky. :(
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  12. Exactly 100 days to get this bus on the road :eek:
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  13. Planning on it :thumbsup:

    How did the saying go "be there, or be square" :)
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  14. :( (there isn't a button for not like)
  15. Hi all. This sounds like good fun. Is it just a turn up and say hi or is there a special handshake you have to know? ;-)
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  16. As long as you remember to roll one trouser leg up to the knee at all times during the day, and that we dress for dinner - ball dresses for the men and tuxedos for the ladies - You should be fine :)
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  17. There's some form of bizarre initiation ceremony that involves alcohol, if you partake, staying up to the wee small hours, and a headache; I think it's called partying ;)
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  18. Bring loads of carling and rock up

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  19. davidoft

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    surely a dress needs to cover the whole body :eek: :D
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  20. Hahahaha

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