Techenders - 21st to 23rd April - Who's coming?

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Baysearcher, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Flipping heck it's to early to count times!!

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  2. Just re-reading what popsy wrote with a slighlty clearer head and @Beaver has first dibs and @Popsy second

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  3. [​IMG]
    Half an hour of frantic searching but finally found the new Cooling Flap and spring that has been hidden away for the last 18 months or so...
    So I do have a job for TE this weekend.
    No sign of the VWH delivery yet so it may just be the one job!

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  4. Iv never had them on my bus for nearly 27,000 miles they must be important should I put some on ........ I just like the idea of having flaps

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  5. Yes Beaver beat me too it

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  6. Yes you should have them to be able to flap correctly and not flap unnecessarily :D
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  7. Haha me too. I've got them now, and a thermostat, but can't be bothered to fit the cable ;)
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  8. Yes and a thermostat

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  9. Well there are some in Cyril but the Thermostat has failed and while B'ing about with the flaps I broke the spring so they are permanently closed. Or would be if I hadn't wedged them open.
    I now have a NOS Thermostat on it's way to me so need to sort the spring out...

    If I can get sone advice from @pkrboo on how to change them without removing the fan shroud...

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  10. our westy hasn't got the flaps, thermostat, wheel or cable..we have had no issues, I have the parts to replace but Scooby power could be the way forward :D
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  11. You realise your all going to peak too early !

    These newfangled t5's look good they even come with a container on the side, how did you get down the drive ? @Robo

    Sorry to say we have a birthday party this weekend so cannot attend, hopefully September !

    Have a good weekend :thumbsup:

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  12. Right work done after a late night and early start so will get some petrol, check air and head off in next hour or so. 3 h 23 min or 202 miles and apparently that includes some issue on the A1. See you all later :burp:
  13. [​IMG]
    More bits, gear shift rod bushes this time. I might actually have to do something this time ...

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  14. Sorry to say but the rear shift rod bushes are an engine and gearbox out job

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  15. I've heard, but I'm going to try and do the others to see if that helps.

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  16. Finished packing at last almost forgot some beer:eek:.
    Oh and one last thing....

    Don't forget to pick up the Mrs !
    Should arrive late afternoon
  17. @Lasty remind me

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  18. Just missed the 1st injury of the weekend... almost put my hand on this sleepy fella

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  19. Arriving dead early Saturday, never bother trying to leave London Friday, you never get anywhere.
    List of things to do...
    Put up awning....
    Blow up bed in it...

    Check rockers are working OK
    Get out me new timing gun and wave it about looking lost, trying to catch eyes of other attendees who know how to shoot them
    Make some new holes in new rust bubbles. Put kurust on with primer on top.

    Reroute some gas pipe. Yeah right
    Install new bowden tube. Yeah right
    Install split charge if ones around. Ditto
    Put on new brake cables, both sides. Fat chance.
    Fiddle with gear shifter plate. Ho hum.

    On Sunday I'm going to pick up an old roll top bath from Kidderminster , then on to Liverpool.

    It's like a mini adventure! See yez soon :)
  20. All packed n walking the dog before leaving.
    What's that I hear ; I've forgotten the bedding
    Hmmm, better go back home and get some then!

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