Techenders: 13-15 September ‘19. Who’s coming?

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  1. Takeaway run is usually on the Saturday.

    In the past some people have gone to the pig in muck on the Friday night. I wouldn't recommend it.

    I think someone may have even had a pizza delivered to the campsite
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  2. You can use my kitchen if that helps, I'll probably cook or bring some leftovers if there's any tonight. I'll of course do wrap pizzas

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  3. Thanks Leon that’s very kind of you , maybe I shouldn’t be so lazy and get all the cooking stuff out ! I do love the Pizzas though !

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  4. Leon are you supposed to be on the Radio tonight!

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  5. Thanks Paul , yes in fact I have in the past ordered a Pizza , but normally there’s been two of us when I do it , I’m coming on my own this time. Leon has kindly offered his Party bus facilities, and to be fair I spend a fair amount of time in there anyway, I might as well sleep in there too ! Eh @Ermintrude !

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  6. Just finished filling in my paperwork.

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  7. Oh bugger I was just trying to tune in , maybe next week

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  8. Sorry everyone, having to cancel going .

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  9. Hope everything is ok, you (and your van) will be missed

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  10. Sorry to hear that mate

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  11. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

  12. Yep
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  13. Anyone there yet?! Stay safe everyone it is Friday 13th after all...

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  14. Thanks for that L....
    I wasnt even aware I needed to be careful until you mentioned that!! :rolleyes::D
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  15. Bus nearly packed, leaving mid morning after breakfast, should arrive around lunchtime :thumbsup:
  16. I'm just about packed and setting out shortly ............... should be having my first tinnie in the sun about 12.05 (if its after 12 its OK!!) ;-)
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  17. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Poncing about on my phone! Need to pick van up, pack, drop my Utd tickets at a friends, do spot shopping then heading off :)
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  18. Hoping to get there early evening. Test run sorted



    I might even give making popcorn a go...,
  19. Best get your arse in gear then ;)
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  20. Might see you en route, on the m1 then. I've got to nip to the shops, then pack
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