Tatton Park VW show 2018

Discussion in 'Show Event Photos' started by Betty the Bay, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Good day out.....shame about the weather....more shade needed ![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Just arrived back from Tatton , what a fab day out absolutely scorching hot and met some very nice friendly people on the latebay stand. Defo the best one in recent years! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. IMG_4347.JPG IMG_4346.JPG IMG_4345.JPG
    Here's a few more from today - 8 buses on the stand plus Martin in the For Sale area - lovely sunshine all day . Nice to meet everyone - including a couple of new members.Thanks to Martin for organisation of the tickets - glad you got your bus going again - no thanks to cheap repro parts. IMG_4347.JPG IMG_4346.JPG IMG_4345.JPG
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  4. Tatton great yet again. Sunburnt yet again.
    Didn't take many piccies this year for some reason.

    Got back about 7:20, van ran great (possibly better than it has in ages) and had a small convoy with a splitty for a while from Lancashire border up to j36.:cool:
    DSC_2860.JPG DSC_2865.JPG DSC_2864.JPG
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  5. brilliant turn out & equally as good pics :D

    cheers for sharing them!

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