T2Campermeting 2016

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  1. T2Campermeeting 2016 (Only for bay window buses)

    70 Buses in Girona (in South Eurpa)

  2. brilliant footage, looks like it was a great meeting! :D
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  3. Thanks !!!
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  4. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    looks sunny to ,just like here in Chester
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  5. That looked great - thanks for sharing
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  6. Thanks for you comments guys. :)
  7. Wow nice meeting!!
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  8. Merlin Cat

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    Looks great. Will you do one next year also? :)
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  9. Yes, it will be held in October. Report In Forum In the last edition we had a bus from London
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  10. Some images from past editions

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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