T2 Syncro- The Holy Bayle

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  1. g'day Zebedee. I had to spread the beam tubes 8cm's to fit the spindles between the ball joints.
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  2. Thats what VW did on their prototypes from the look of it.
    The brazilian version is the same though it has two sets of bump stops each side.o_O
  3. Few more piccies of the syncro bay prototype.

    Front driveshaft and hub



    Repositioned front crossmember and jacking point.

    Jacking point moved a couple of inches backwards.

    Bulge where new crossmember is.

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  4. This thread has really evolved since the last time I was here! The pics of the 'other' prototype are fantastic, it certainly looks to be real from the details there. :) They have probably removed other pictures to keep it out of public view. Shame!
  5. Take one T25 (T3), syncro if possible.
    Cut the body off leaving just the bare chassis:

    Take a bay and remove all the underpinnings:


    Drop the bay body back onto the T3 chassis and join together for a coil sprung bay:

    Add radiator on front panel:


    I'm looking forwards to seeing how the rest of this turns out.
    I prefer the idea of keeping the torsion bar suspension as its a lot less work.
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  6. Found a couple more piccies from that build:


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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. [​IMG]

    No idea what the front end is as its got longditudinal torsion bars.:confused:

  9. I love this thread! :thumbsup:
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    Me too.
  11. Looks a bit t4 ish with those torsion bars in that configuration

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  12. Found some more info and it is indeed T4 front suspension possibly with audi hubs.

    Sounds like that was his first attempt but just went with a different approach and used the complete t25 chassis.
    Not sure where the extra 40mm in wheelbase will make the wheels sit.
  13. Crikey! Mine looks better than that and that is really saying summat. top thread BTW
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    Welcome to the forum dude. Feel free to start a build thread in restorations on here. We love the story thus far and would enjoy MORE pictures. It's just that we like pictures. :thumbsup:
  16. Thanks for looking, if I find some time I'll see about starting a thread. I am hoping to be driving the bus this summer so I'll be adding plenty of pictures as I move forward.
    Just about finished the cab floor tonight.

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  17. A few more piccies turned up.

    Protection bars.

    Engine mounting bar ends.

    Front arch.

    Does this rear arch look raised?
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  18. Thread resurection time. :D

    Couple more piccies of the 4x4 JEG drivetrain courtesy of BBT.



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  19. Went to Latitude music festival 2012 in our normal height bus which had thick mud and puddles to depths of 8 inches which caused no problems getting on and off site when many other vehicles were being towed off. The same last year at Weyfest music festival. The big expensive caravans and tow cars could not pull away (nose weight?) and we just hooted, waved and said 'hope to see you next year!'
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