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  1. Heres a not usually seen angle of the underside of a t25 syncro showing the drint diff and propshaft:
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  2. This bloke on a norwegian forum is making a syncro bay. Though it is an prototype its still bloody impressive.

    Heres some piccies of the running gear.
    Syncro box needed centre of torsion bar tube cutting out from the look of it:

    Modified casing of front diff:

    Front beam and front spindle for driveshaft. Looks like the tubes are now further apart to allow correct angle of torsion arms.

    Front diff mounted. Steering rack too.

    Gearbox. Looks like a golf engine (diesel?) mounted at 50 degrees like in a T25:

    Driveshafts in front:

    Rear end with torsion bar housing extended outwards from the look of it:

    Front bump stop bracket:

    Cable shift syncro box:
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  3. wooooo , reaching for that Holy Grail
  4. A quality thread resurrection, And my dream bay :)
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  5. It looks pretty simple from looking at the piccies.
    Just the fabrication of the front spindles that the puzzler for me. And the ends of the rear torsion bars.
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  6. Oi get in line im first
  7. "I'd love to find a late bay double cab shell and a rotten (or rolled) T25 syncro and marry the two together to make a syncro bay...."

    I'd love to find a old Vincent Velocette and a rolled T25 syncro and make a Velcro....:D

    Couldn't resist...

    If anyone's interested...those two missing Syncros were last spotted in Chile ... driven by Lord Lucan, with Lionel 'Buster' Crabb in hot pusuit
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  8. The front hub/bearing carriers off a Saab 900 look like they could be used with some modifications to get drive to the front wheels as its got balljoints top and bottom unlike most strut equipped cars. Machine the tapers to fit bay balljoints and tie rod ends and use the saab brakes with adapters to bring it back to 5x112 PCD and jobs a goodun'.;)

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  9. I think you can buy shorter bay rear torsion bars which would solve the problem of the centre of the torsion tube needing cutting to fit the nosecone of the syncro 'box.
    Or you could remove the torsion bars altogether and just fit coilovers.
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    There were a few 4wd bugs made too.

    Quite a few more than bays. 1942 was when they made the first ones i think but there are a few about, you just have to search beetle 4wd

    Now I am thinking similar running gear- do able?

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  11. The front diff and front spindles are the tricky bit on a bug. As is the running of the propshaft.

    I helped a mate create a 4wd 1303 for rallycross use quite a few years back. That was pretty simple compared to a beam equipped bug as we just used a BMW diff, passat lower arms and driveshafts and mk1 golf front struts and brakes.
    Theres someone on thesamba.com making a 4wd manx buggy with subaru running gear and someone else making a baja from syncro stuff. Well worth a search for the threads.
  12. It's been such a long time since my last visit on this great topic.
    Great links and info as always Zebedee.
    What kind of front spindle did jokgel use?
    I have to get in touch with him, next time we visit Stockholm, I might have to take a little trip towards that bus.

    Ernie how is it going, any updates on your setup?
  13. What happens when you put a bay body on a t25 syncro chassis:

    prototype syncro:
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  15. Some more pictures of the syncro prototypes:
    hobby1.jpg hobby2.jpg
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  16. 7_b6487a91e8.jpeg 2893850419_e74b14ec59_o.jpg
    Little gear lever engages drive to front wheels.
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  17. Gipfelstuermer1.jpg Gipfelstuermer2.jpg Gipfelstuermer3.jpg
    From looking at the pictures online it looks like the steering on the 4x4 doesn't use the centre idler pin and 2 long tie rods like a stock bay but has 2 short tie rods with some sort of extra link between the two.
    I'd love to see a piccy of the front end with the sump guard removed.
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  18. Heres a few still from the brazilian bay/split thing in the youtube video above:
    Front beam.jpg Front diff.jpg Gearbox mount.jpg Driveshaft.jpg
  19. G'day all. For those who haven't read my build here's the front end set up ready to build the mountings for the diff & power steering. Tha axles are away being cut & joined to suit Isuzu drive flanges & commodore diff centre [​IMG]
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  20. Nice work. Just had a look at your thread. Very cool.

    I just googled what an Isuzu Rodeo is and it was sold in the europe as a vauxhaul frontera. Funny as I was just looking at some Vauxhaul Frontera front spindles last weekend and thought they'd work OK on a bay.:D

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