Syncro - let’s off-road!

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  1. Dropped the gearbox at Aidan Talbot’s place and he began to strip it down while I asked stupid questions and got in the way.

    As he popped the reverse idler cover off it was apparent that this box has seen at least one failure and been rebuilt before - and some damaged parts put back in!!!!


    From this starting point I have decided to take the Christmas tree to cash converters and head out to find some roadkill for Christmas lunch.
  2. Maintained by an Army Mech............

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  3. I find holding an empty cup outside Greggs helps :thumbsup:
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  4. Yes - update on the gearbox.

    I have squeezed an additional kitchen fit in before Christmas to pay for the gearbox carnage.....

    Aidan has given me a thorough report on the condition of the gearbox. And apart from the bearing displacement wear, damage to 2nd and 3rd gears, the wrong 4th gear set fitted, one part of the case being damaged and needing a second hand replacement, damaged to the selector, the crown and pinion may not be matched the 3rd/4th synchroniser being damaged and the 1/2nd synchro ring needing replacement and the majority of bearings needing replacement- it’s just as it came from the factory. Oh and that mashed idler gear.

    Apart from that
  5. Proper lycheeed then......ill say it again, Army Mech!!

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  6. He said it’s been rebuilt 3 or 4 times before he thinks!

    Anyway it’ll get sorted properly now.

    Contacted Ian Holman about the VC and that is on record as being worked on and I have a recon prop in my hallway to go on when the box is back

    - so that only leaves, front diff, CVs bearings, engine, brakes, wheels, tyres, electricals left to go wrong.

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  7. Has the stench of gear oil gone from your nose yet
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