Syncro - let’s off-road!

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Bit On The Side' started by Mattlad, Oct 12, 2019.

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  2. Wise words brother
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    Has-already-got-a-bay-though :cool:
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  4. My mate Jeremy bought this DoKa syncro years ago. Think he paid £100 for it. Needed a load of work though.
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  5. Thats still sorta oil coloured. ;)
    The oil in the one on my caravelle is like mercury theres so much metal in it. The drain plug magnet was like a christmas tree. :(

    If the main bearing is eating the case then it'll start to pop out of 5th (4th on a syncro box) with a bang as the whole gear cluster tries to move forwards when power is applied.
    Mines been doing it for the past 45k miles. Don't have the cash for a rebuild so been trying to find a decent second hand box but they've all been a 5-600 mile round trip away. Didn't fancy my chances of the van making it that far to pick one up so i've just driven it as a 4 speed. 2nd is now on its way out as is reverse so its off the road.
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  6. :(:(
  7. That’s not good mate.
  8. Good explanation here:

    As i'm driving the Starship Enterprise as a daily now it was decided to take it off the road, fit a decent secondhand box (if one exists) and replace the flywheel and pulley oil seals and any other seals i can easily get to ont he engine as its loosing oil from everywhere. Just need to get my bug finished before i start.
    2019-10-18 11.05.09.jpg
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  9. Congrats on the pass
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    with no gearbox :eek:
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  12. they’ve already started- although I see some whoppers coming up!
  13. It’s got a gearbox in it still - it’s just a bit ‘suspect’
  14. It'll be right, let's see what happens when you next drain the oil:)
    I know of a person who has spent over 10k on their gearbox. The gearing still isn't right coz the engine spec has changed. Never mind, that'll be a new gear set then:eek:....perspective...and a lottery required for us mere mortals.
    Our workshop is about keeping them on the road relative to people's budget and trust me, we ain't all milyonhairs.:thumbsup:
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    Neil’s ownership and posts cured me of buying a syncro crewcab on a whim one night. I had just about made the deal and Came on here for a read up of one of his threads and realised they really are money pits.

    I had a T5 multivan instead :rolleyes:
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  16. Haha Malc...but when they work, they work gooooood.
    Wouldn't change him now he's sorted!
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    I know Neil, but the one I was buying had issues beyond my capabilities tbh.
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