Syncro - let’s off-road!

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Bit On The Side' started by Mattlad, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Nope. Had this 9 years now and its eaten 5th gear and 1st and 2nd don't sound too nice either.
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  2. Merlin Cat

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    very nice :). My first ever camper was a T25 2.1 inj the same colour as yours.
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  3. Took an hour out for lunch and reinstated the propshaft and engine bash guard and prop protection bars - 4x4 is back at long last!
  4. Any odd noises, weird vibrations, strange road habits?
    No....well it's not a syncro then :p
    I've got 2 trashed rear wheel bearings at the moment.
    Davidoft said to me they're probably the only things I haven't replaced....twice!
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  5. davidoft

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    I’m right though in eye ;)
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  6. May Bee
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  7. All seems good (for now!). My work van has now decided to start making some alarming noises so I have bravely parked that up and will
    Forgot about it for a while and use the Syncro to see if it’s going to behave for a while.

    @davidoft has a small project on the go as well I have heard.

    Best get in with those bearings
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