Swedish 78 bay taxi

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Andy76, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Hi all TLB’s. I have read many great resto threads on this forum an are impressed by all the great work that all of you do too these busses.

    And befor i write any more i apoligise for my spelling. Since this is not my first languish. And Autocorrect is set for swedish.

    So i want too contibute whit a resto thread of my late bay bus that i hope too turne in to a tin top camper eventualy. If i dont stumble across a poptop roof.

    Before tear down.

    Starting too strip the paint of.


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  2. Terrordales

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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent
  3. Flakey

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    Welcome, keep the pictures coming :thumbsup:
  4. It’s already looking better good luck with the restoration.

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  5. Hello.

    Good luck with the project & keep those pics coming :D
  6. Merlin Cat

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    Hej och välkommen :)

    Keep the photos coming. Tin tops are the best :)
  7. I have a tin top also but from California. Yours looks quite rust free. There are two round holes just under the headlights are they for extra lighting? Keeps us all posted with photos. Friend of mine has just bought a Swedish late bay transporter fire van 7 seater and drove it back to England.
  8. The holes under the headlights are for the hose to the nossle that spray whashing fluid on the hedlight lenses.
    The nossle sits on the rep horns that mount to the bumper.

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  9. I have quite a small garage in the basement of my house so i had to build a rotoriser for the bus so i could work on it. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Rust in the usual places but overall very solid. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. Nice work , how did you turn it over in there ?
  11. Welcome. I’m looking forward to watching this progress. I’m always jealous of someone with a garage. Best of luck with it

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  12. Thank’s for the swedish greating. Any chance your from Sweden or just familiar whit the phrases.

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  13. I had to remove the front and rear axel.
    And build the rotariser so i can adjust the hight of he bus while it’s in half turned. Very tight fit!! But what dosen’t we do for this greate busses

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  14. I started this resto this spring. And plan to have it finished i 3 yers hopfully sooner. My daughter graduates (collage) im not shure about the school grading in UK. But it’s befor going to univerity.
    It’s going to be her ride home from school .

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  15. You have Done som serius work on your bus! And i’m inpressed of the work. Not so jealous of working on the driveway. But If that is what i takes to get the jobb don . Keep at it.

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  16. Left the garage today. For som beach time white the wife. 32 degres C in the shade[​IMG]

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  17. Look like your cracking on with it mate! Rollover jugs definitely make it easier. I’m hoping ours will be on the road towards then end of this year after a 3 year resto!

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  18. I assume your basement has a front entrance, as just stairs would be a problem with the bus! Lol
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  19. Is that some form of Yorkshire dialect :eek:
  20. Got som mor work to show. This is a coupple of Week’s ago. Repair of inner fender. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    And today i starting work on the rear right panel and battery tray. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Only to realise that i orderd the wrong battery tray from JK. It’s for a erlybay.

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