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  1. Hi all. I'm studying towards a degree in mechanical engineering and as part of my course I need to work on a project. In relation to this, I have made a survey. I would be very grateful if you could fill it in form me if you have a couple of minutes spare. It's only 10 questions, and should take only a couple of minutes.

  2. Done
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    Done :hattip:
  4. Done, but you didn't tell us what answers you need, what sort of survey is that, you'll never get a job with the government:D
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  6. Thanks for the responses so far!
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  8. Done. Good luck.
  9. Done
  10. Done

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  11. Done ..:thumbsup:
  12. Thanks
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  14. Done:thumbsup:
  15. Done,

    Ozziedog,,,,,, hmmmmpp:)
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    Are you getting paid for this survey?
  18. Done.

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