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  1. I replaced the indicator switch that decided to fall apart yesterday orders it off eBay at 12 yesterday from gsf ,arrived at 9.30 this morning .anyway I'm waffling!! After 2 years of driving the bus I've just noticed that the wiper switch moves down as Well as the 2 forward speeds .why does it go back ??it doesn't do anything but I assume it would .
  2. Intermittent? With a relay perhaps??
  3. Bit of an old acorn this one..mine is original and does the same. Never got to the bottom of it..
  4. Mine does the same: nothing>off>slow>fast. I believe the extra position was for a delay wipe, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be blanked off (there is provision for this on the switch, from memory) if the delay's not fitted. Don't know why.
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  5. I sourced a correct relay and I now have intermittent wipe function on the “down” position.

    IIRC it was one of the special features on a champagne edition :)
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  6. Did you have the extra contact/cabling in the switch?
  7. So is it just a case of fittings relay ? Will the wiring be there waiting to fulfil its destiny ??
  8. My Berlin also has it. I don’t think it’s a special edition though there are a few non standard features on it.
  9. I believe it was used for several options including the headlight washer.
    Those without the options fitted had a little peg that stopped the arm going down.

    I’ve seen some fitted with the contacts and some without
  10. No. I’d doubt if you’ve got the necessary contacts in the switch.
  11. Ah well ! If I can live without power steering ,servo brakes etc I'm sure i 'll manage without intermittent wipers !
  12. Yes, just put the right relay in and it worked.
  13. Can you remember the right relays part number ?
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  15. ^this. It’s unlikely you’ve got the wiring in place. Several types of relay available, including variable. Have a look at my write up.
  16. yep, i'm sure that's right - i think i put the pn in my build thread but i'm sure @77 Westy is right.

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