Sunset from Sandbanks Poole

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Rustydiver, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Stayed late sat night as it was like a summers day.
  2. Lovely pictures :thumbsup:
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  3. Even had a play on the drive home, or the missus did
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  4. And I've just noticed i need to clean my windscreen. :oops:
  5. brilliant photos, not been down Sandbanks in years, it used to be really nice!
  6. Lovely pictures (though the driving ones made me feel a little travel sick!!)
  7. Ive always done Poole and not sandbanks, used to have to go there weekly with my job, we ended up in Sandbanks cos we had to use the ferry due to roadworks going into Poole, stopped off on the side off the road and stayed there all day. Was a good walk around then we got the bikes out and got halfway to Poole. Deffo would go back again to Sandbanks. Even better still parking on the side off the road by the Harbour with cracking views was only £2 all day as it is out off season. :chewie:
  8. It's always the impromptu ones that are the best!
  9. My Grandparents retired down to Branksome back in the early 80's, we used to get summoned go for summer holidays!
  10. Great Pics, luv sandbanks. A lottery win and we'd buy one of those posh pads down there:cool:
  11. Thats what we said last night. It was good to see that there was still some original houses on sandbanks penensula overlooking the harbour.
  12. Used to cycle down to there when I was at Bournemouth Uni. Boscombe to Sandbanks and back. Happy days.
  13. didnt know you was in with the footy manager crew :eek: , nice pics but your driving does look a little eratic :D
  14. Na it's not me I'm steady as a rock it's all the other mad crazy bar stewards on the road. ;)
    On the trip home only about 80 miles we saw more blues and twos than I have for a long time at various different places.
  15. I stayed just outside Poole on saturday night....was a lovely evening! We were sat outside the bus reading and relaxing and it felt like summer lol
  16. I think that it felt warmer than a summers day, people walking around in shorts and flip flops.
  17. There were people swimming at Solent beach!! My Mrs dunked a foot and was like 'F**k that!' lol lovely area though when the sun shines :)

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