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  1. Candy camper is that the fellows kit?
  2. It's a recycled Fellows kit with a RJES rad pack and a rebuilt motor.
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  3. Revisiting this while I um and ah about which kit car heater to get.

    Please can people do me pics of what you have and where it is. Have a couple of ideas but would like to see what you've got.

    @Baysearcher I am pretty sure yours is a kit car heater from carbuildersolutions.

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    No idea mate, it's whatever Fellows put in there!
  5. you're not much use to me alive are you turkish!!
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  6. Mine's a home brew affair that fits under the floor and protected behind the splash pan. Fits into the totem and uses a bilge speed and quite noisy so will be looking to upgrade sometime!
    I fitted a cable operated valve to turn off the heat (make sure you fit a by-pass circuit or the engine will overheat) as when you have the windows open in the summer the pressure pulls warm air out the vents! The valve is linked to one of the original heater slider controls on the dash ;)
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  8. whats this SUMMER you speak of ..?
    are you in India..:D
  9. Be positive...we're gonna have a scorcher!
    Well it'd be nice anyway!
    If you take it abroad to the likes of Italy you really don't want it drawing in extra heat :cool:
  10. I have the Fellows kit too - mine hides behind the bellypan under the cab floor and pipes directly into the totem. Other, later conversions from Fellows had the heater further back, behind the front crossmember and therefore occupying the middle section alongside the radiator, so piped into the existing heating further back.

    To cut down heat losses from the airflow under the bus, my pipework and the heater matrix are lagged with insulation. Seems to have done the trick.
  11. I also took a photo, in case anyone's interested:


    It's now covered in insulation and behind a bellypan.
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  12. Well mine is in front of cross member but behind pedal box. Slightly different to the one fellows fits (fellows one is defo from carbuildersolutions)



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