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  1. So what have you scooby do boys done about a heater for the front?
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    I have used a classic Mini heater in mine, which does give shed loads of heat, but also keeps getting air locks, probably because it's too high in the cooling system. I'm going to look into the kit car / universal type heaters mounted underneath next I think. :thinking:
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  3. My heater came with the Fellows Speed kit. It is situated in the spare wheel bay under the passenger seat. Pumps out loads of heat. Sometimes it is sited under the cab floor.
  4. Neat install would be under cab floor ducted int totem for dash. that way you get demist as well as heating. Think that's where fellows put them but could be wrong. Doug would be able to advise on that!
  5. Yep that's my plan, stick into the totem
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    That's where mine goes. Twin speed fan - gives out a lot of heat but mine's a bit noisy, as fitted by Fellows.
  7. I assume you just plumb it in to the flow and retun from the engine somits hot all the time. Ducted to the totem it doesnt matter if its hot in summer .
  8. Yep, feed and return and turn off the blowers and it will not blow heat in i guess, I'll mount it under the floor

    And with multiple outputs i could still feed one into the back aswell
  9. Think id be plumbing into totem and walkthrough vent. You got rear underseat one too? Long way for the hot air to travl i reckon
  10. What is this totem that is being spoken of?
  11. Front hot air duct from floor to dash. Take it out and stand it up and it looks like a totem pole!
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  12. Same distance it travels now and seems to work ok. Plus that will be a better heater so should be even better i reckon

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  13. can't be worse than what's already there, @Sick Boy mentioned above that it pumps out loads of heat but I think he found it only just good enough on his Alps Skiing trip (if I remember reading his blog correctly)
  14. We're all getting soft! Whatever happened to driving your T2 wearing a woolly hat & gloves.
    They were designed for that weren't they?:p
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  15. I'll have some stuff to show you on Tuesday....... have bought a full conversion kit..... part of it is a 4.5kw heater.

    Thanks for the nod on that advert!
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  16. I drove mine a couple of weeks ago and froze my bits off. It wasn't funny at least on my last motor bike I had heated grips
  17. did you get that setup then?
  18. The deal is done - driving it on Saturday - pick up Tuesday all things being equal.
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  19. Yes that's true, in the Alps in January I was cold but the heater was pumping out loads of heat. This is because the van is so draughty. If the cab was fully insulated like a car it would be very warm. In the Alps I was cold but nowhere near as cold as I'd have been without my trusty heater. It is situated inside the cab, in the spare wheel recess which is under the passenger seat.
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