Subaru coolant bottle setup.

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  1. so i have a V coolant bottle and need to know how to plumb it in.

    i think bottom larger hose should go into the hose out of the top pipe on the engine, but where doe sthe small outlet from the top of the tank go?

    @chrisgooner where does yours attach?
  2. when the wife comes home I'll take some photos ... sorry meant to do them earlier but manic weekend/day
  3. No probs, tbh I forgot I asked you!!

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  4. nice..... is she slipping into something slinky ....:)
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  5. Not sure if these help in any way... despite the bus being inside the rain is lashing down here and I wasn't going to stay in the garage doorway too long ... if not just say and if its dry tomorrow I'll take some more P6050001.JPG P6050006.JPG P6050004.JPG P6050003.JPG P6050007.JPG P6050002.JPG
  6. Blue coolant are you sure thats the right one
  7. Thanks @Pickles , so the one out of the top and the bottom both go into the same pipe by the looks of it. and then the small pipe is an overflow?
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  8. [​IMG]

    That pic help mate?
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  9. I'll check later but I think you are right
  10. This is a diagram that fellows sent me. I fitted mine on my own. The large outlet underneath the header goes to the pipe for the heater matrix. The small one on top is the overflow for the rad and the other goes into the stainless pipe.[​IMG]

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  11. Having just got my van going again..... following a number of teething issues I am now suffering over heating.

    I have looked at why and it would appear I have plumbed incorrectly.

    Currently I have a twin port expansion bottle, the large exit on the bottom is going to the stainless elbow on the top hose, and the small breather to the radiator breather.

    In practice what seems to be happening is that any vapour in the system is being forced out into the expansion bottle and causing a air lock in the same pipe that should be allowing coolant to be drawn in.

    Looking at it again I think the hose from the elbow should got to a port at the top of the tank, the bottom port needs to go to the pipe cool side of the road that feeds the cool side of the thermostat, and the little rad vent needs to go to the top of the bottle also.

    So new bottle required, T piece for the pipe work cool side of rad, and a length of 5/8ths hose required.

    Then when the water expands and any vapour is pushed into the top of the expansion bottle the positive pressure will feed more coolant back into the system cold side of the rad.

    This looks to match exactly the picture StuF has put up......
  12. ...didn't know it was that sort of site....

  13. called..
  14. So on this pic the bottom of the coolant bottle feeds the heater return circuit so any new coolant from the bottle is going on to the back of the thermostat. I currently have my bottom bottle feed going to the rad return, similar I suppose

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