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  1. Also make sure your fuel pump is priming before it turns over - should prime on the first turn of the key!
    Mine was misbehaving before it actually started! Matt sorted it though as he is a Subaru Magician
  2. I used new earths but I'll stick another in using a jump cable as a short term fix to see if that helps.
    @stu, the pump sounds good so I think I've got fuel. No exhaust so it'll be loud !
  3. You'll see flames out of the exhaust!!
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  4. multi tasking, cook my tea at the same time ! :)
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  5. I might have asked earlier in the thread but had a lot going on in my head with pipework. Can anyone tell me about the the pipe that runs across the top of my engine bay and had a branched off feed into the charcoal filter.

    Do I still need it (the pipe)?, should I re-add my charcoal filter or can this pipe be cut back out of the way ? Im certain its a fuel tank breather but I don't notice it being connected in any suby conversions ... obviously I don't want to do something silly with petrol.

  6. All my breathers - think there are 3 on my EJ25 are piped into the intake/air filter
    Im sure if you did the same there would be no ill effects
  7. Ahh - didnt realise you meant that one, in that case I would refit the charcoal canister
    Dont have one on my earlybay tank that I can remember unless it vents into the filler neck
    Thought it was an engine specific EGR type fuel vent you were referring to

    Although im sure someone a little more knowledgeable will be along soon to advise futher
  8. Might be a daft question but would it be possible to wire the pump back to front so it sucks instead of pumping. ? (I'm thinking fuel which is tomorrow investigation)

    Seperately i got my heater fan all finished/wired and working tonight (good to finally hear it kick in) + my water temp gauge but can anyone tell me what colour wire feeds into the temp gauge from the loom, I've got 3 and I'm hoping one is water temp or I'll have to add one.
    Cheers. Pg
  9. Depends what pump you have.

    Is it the rjes extension cable you have?
  10. Yes RJES.
    Do you know about the tank vapour pipe (2 posts earlier)) what you do with yours.?
  11. Mine is venting to air at the moment. I was going to connect it to the engine but I saw a post where someone had done that and it had crushed his tank.
  12. Crushed his tank ? Sound quite bad, I'll get my charcoal cannister back in quick !!
  13. I think he had it connected wrong though
  14. Few more jobs. I didn't have a sensor on my engine for water temps so popped one of these in (I'd ordered a spare from here for about £3) so the temp gauge now works. My fuel pump checked out ok so thats off the list, going to work back around spark and anything else I might have missed, tonight I will get it started.!

    Had a chat with a guy who can weld me an exhaust, due to the position of the RJES mount/moustache bar I'm going to come straight out the back into a silencer, hopefully it won't be too noisy.

    @pkrboo Quick Q, the sensor that fits to the exhaust (the lambda?) do I need this or can it be removed. I know its there so obvious answer is yes I need it but possibly the ECU might just ignore it.
    and when you were talking about the vapour breather earlier did you mean the guy (who crushed his tank) fitted it to the vapour breather on the engine.? or maybe on his air inlet?
    this one (from RJES site)

  15. Yes definitely keep the lamda. It will run crap without it.

    Not sure where he connected it buy yeah it may have been in his inlet manifold so created huge vacuum in his tank.
  16. If your looking at exhausts by all means get the fella who made mine to give you a quote. He’s done a perfect job and the exhaust is proper quiet cruising and at idle




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  17. Mike Hausmann really is the best in the business. I'll be putting one of his systems on both my bus and my buggy - when I've saved up! He ain't cheap but his work is unrivalled.
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  18. Cool stu thanks. That's very similar to what I'm going to have done but if I run into problems it'll be worth knowing he can do it. Good price?

    And thanks Pkrboo for the heads up.
  19. Dubs

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    Nice exhaust mate, almost looks like a standard vw one! :thumbsup:
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