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  1. I'm still on exhaust / sump ... slowly getting there.
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  2. Get a move on.

    I just need to sort my alternator issues and then I’m done. MOT next
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  3. I know, it's killing me. The flexibles I ordered went AWOL
  4. This is true ... it runs and drives now just been round the block

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  5. 2.5 engine has been fighting me. The flywheel was a dual mass and the bolts are Ribe socket head bolts. Went and bought the right tool and set about taking the flywheel off.

    4 heads were rounded off and 1 had a piece of tool broken off in the head. Bugger.

    3 came out nicely.

    So out with the grinder. Dual mass flywheel is no longer dual mass!! But a lot lighter

    But it's off.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  6. There’s a lot of material behind it, is that from the clutch.

    How much more work to get it in?

    Have you managed to get a leak free box yet?
  7. Yep from the clucth or the clutch before that

    Pretty much same as swapping thendmae one in and out

  8. on the box.

    Only two weeks until TE. Will you be ready in time?
  9. Yes, defo be ready, I think..... I'll let you know later on tonight after I have compression tested the 2.5
  10. Thought you’d of done that in the car.
  11. Yeah, completely forgot.

    And now I can't find my compression tester
  12. Here you go mate.
    Fitted a fresh flywheel oil seal, pilot bearing and clutch. Pressure plate and flywheel was cleaned up and smoothed out.

    Glad mine wasn’t a dual mass like yours







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  13. Yep - I referred to it as the flywheel oil seal.
    The OG one was weeping so thought might as well do it whilst it was accessible
  14. Is it attached to a glass topped crank shaft and flywheel by any chance...
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  15. Haha,I used the table to make it look artsy
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  16. Did you make that lowered sump, it's nice, I want one

    Seriously :)

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