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Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by pkrboo, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. You'll be ok Stu, it's deceiving how simple it actually is.

    I'm waiting for my alloy joiners to arrive for the heater. My sump and pickup are also out to be welded up. I'm close but the exhaust is going to trip me up
  2. Ive just ordered 3 meters of braided hydraulic hose for the clutch and slave for fitment this weekend also struggling to get an exhaust!
    Think its going to be low loaded onto a truck and taken to an exhaust fabricator as my Westie Tow Bar and low ground clearance is ruling out all the usual options.
    Havent got the belly mounted rad fixed in place yet - need to stand it off a couple of cm due to the placement of my remote brake servo - getting there gradually
  3. time, need loads of it. I hope to turn the key in next 2 weeks
  4. Engine and gearbox all back in. Just need to fill the gearbox with oil, bleed the coolant and double check all my connections etc.

    Then it'll be ready for dubfreeze
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  5. When you’ve a spare 24hrs can you come and fit mine, convert the gearbox, fit the rad etc ;)
  6. You need more than 24hrs. Once mines finished I’ll come over as your not far from me.
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  7. 48 I reckon. We only did about 8 on yours the other weekend Ray
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  8. I know

    Nearly there though...
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  9. Fair play to you Ray
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  10. Matt done the hard part. Deciphering RJES instructions and welding the bracket. The rest should be easy going in comparison.
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  11. 2.5?
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  12. You already got bored of the 2L?
    What are you going to do with it? Do you still have the beetle? :)
  13. mad and lovin it at the same time !
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  14. Just pop up here and stick it in the back of my bus
  15. Really?
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  16. No this was just too cheap to not buy!!

    Still have beetle but that's staying aircooled. I will sell the current engine with the converted loom
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  17. Just the engine I’ve no need for the rest of it.
  18. Haha I figured that. You're staying aircooled though aren't you?

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