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  1. what rad setup are you going to be using. ? I've just installed and got my engine (EJ20 to auto 010) mated to the tranny (lower half, manifolds still on the bench) and looking at options for cooling now. Bit behind you though I'll try to keep up :)
  2. I bought the RJES rad pack setup, give him a call as he doesnt list it on his website.

    @Razzyh @PIE ^^^ auto box and scooby
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  3. @pkrboo are you considering doing this for a business when you 'retire' in a couple of years?

    A northern version of fellows

    Pkr boos speedshop !
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  4. Different box to mine, mine is a 003, so slightly different on the kick down.

    Fellows didn't seem to keen when I spoke with them, even asked me to send them a link of the converter/adapter plate
  5. wouldnt make any money at the speed i am doing this!!
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  6. they might have had a few people asking, maybe they will look into it. where was the link again?
  7. It might have been on the rjes website. I called and spoke with the guy so didn't have a link.

    I'll see what I can find
  8. if you are going to stick a scooby in it, you may as well whack a manual box in so you can really enjoy it?
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  9. That's a kind offer, thanks. I'll pm you my address and you can send one shortly

    TBH I'm not sure what to do yet. No funds so doubt a g/box is affordable as well.

    Might simply try and find a good second hand type 4 and see how that goes.
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  10. Looks pretty awesome, so the video of it running will be uploaded.......? :)
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  11. davidoft

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    Or go the whole hog and buy a Subaru forrester and a caravan :D
  12. Couldn't find a link. RJES website not the best. Having looked at my thread again about 003 box and scooby someone on here mentioned it, though I did call and he does do one.
  13. Yes but not tonight. Not enough fuel hose to connect it up

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  14. Tonight's update:

    Changed the seal on the diff output shaft for a brand new one. Changed it twice with spare second hand ones that still leaked so had to stump for a new one £11.99!!!

    Also Finally found the split pins for the driveshaft flanges to attach to the diff output shafts. So knocked the pins into the flanges and them connected the driveshafts up.

    Connected the servo vac pipe up.

    Refilled the gearbox with oil for the third time and no leaks!!!

    Connected wiring to the rad fans.


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  15. I had an 003, changed it to a later 010. I've got to mess around sorting out the linkage but that s a bit further down the line. Doable though if you've considered it ?
  16. What a right bloody mess it there ..... what the hells going on !!!

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  17. mess, where? i don't do clean and shiney, functional is where i'm at
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  18. Inlet pipework has arrived

    Just waiting for the enclosed (in a box)air filter[​IMG]

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  19. I know kid there all normally shiney and blue

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