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  1. the mechanical aspect of a subaru swap doesn't phase me at all I plan to fabricate the installation hardware and rad stuff but what puts me off is the electrics.Im not scared of them either, I rewired my bus and just finished rewiring my model A Ford , but all this electronic stuff gives me the heebee geebees ..

    There doesn't seem to be much out there regarding the circuits to eliminate from the loom albeit the radio speaker circuits, lighting, wipers, central locking, washers, AC, and a host of other modern crap can be ditched but what about the borderline stuff.. Im aware you need the retain the ignition switch with the immobiliser OR DO YOU .. ? and obviously the starter cirv=cuit and engine management, but the fuel pump will differ as will a few other odds and ends. do I need to keep any subaru instrument parts.. is there any signal generators I need if im using the VW transaxle...

    Im also finding it hard to locate a decent subaru wire colour code for the tracers and stuff ..

    With the loom stripped there are probably only 60 or so wires left, it would be easy to modify the loom if the relevant colour codes for the relevant wires was made common knowledge and it would make the conversion proper easy ..

    Does anyone have a link or a list of the retained circuits and there colour coding .. in particular for a 2 litre legacy. I prefer the old school diagrams.. the only ones can find in the haynes manual are the new style block diagrams .. I cant make head or tail of them .. It looks like a good few days work for a first time loom split ..

    Im pretty sure I would use my van a lot more if it was quicker and more rat race friendly .. I like driving slow but I also like to shake audis and BMWs off my bumper ..
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  3. You need to keep the immobiliser DO NOT CUT ANY of the immob wiring, if you do it may never work again.

    My best advice to to send it to nick tune and pay £250 and he will convert it for you. You'll get a quality looking loom that is plug and play

    @StuF will back me up there and @Razzyh and @Kruger
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  4. Yup. As Matt says use nick tune.
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    I’ve only heard good thing about Nick too.
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    It depends what year your engine is - the 'brain' can be swapped out but only in the same generation, but as above, you need to leave the immobilser well alone. You can take the inductance loop from the ignition barrel, but as you need the key in proximity to it, and you get an extra layer of security keeping the barrel or at least somewhere convenient to hold the key.

    From what I can see of mine, there is no tank pressure sensor etc. Mine ran fine with no speed sensor or lambda sensors, but these have been added since.

    Mine runs an aftermarket fuel pump.

    Happy to take pics if it helps.
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    You won't find an old skool coloured wiring diagram I'm afraid, well I couldn't anyway. It's worth taking the time to get your head round the Subaru factory wiring diagrams though, as everything you need to know is there, and it's pretty straightforward once you have got used to it.

    That said, if you have £250 spare, I would be tempted to swap it for a loom already done. I guess it depends on if you like a challenge or not.. :D
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  8. I generally like to have a go at everything myself, but looked at it and then thought of the potential headaches it was going to cause, I don’t want to be fault finding on it when it’s in etc got the loom converted by Nick, he knows his stuff on these!
  9. £250 isnt bad but the challenge is always good and the loom can be tailored to fit in the best place .. Its fair enough there are folk out there who can do it but at the same time there are folk who ar keen for a challenge. Its a hobby for me not a lifestyle so happy to learn more stuff . I did the loom in an old classic capri when I installed a 2 litre Z tech motor in it ,, I managed that with a bit of head scratching but I also had a diagrame that was easy to read and also the legend with the relevant colour codes and tracers .. made life realy easy..

    I got a great deal on the low mileage full service history engine, 6 rib box, FJES conversion bellhousing, clutch and all the other parts minus engine cradle and supports, but im a stubborn arse and If I can do it myself im up for the challenge.. there is no rush. I might just cave in and send it off for mods :) Im off to work out how these wire diagrams are read.
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    That's the spirit! It will make any future fault finding easier as well if you understand the diagrams. :thumbsup:
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  12. Thats my thinking.. if there are problems I will have a clue how to fix them or at least what the cause f the problem might be .. just fitting one kinda still leaves you in the dark..
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  14. Another vote for Nick - his looms are impressively done, simple to install and more importantly work!
  15. If it broke down would you know where to start looking for the problem... more to the point would the recovery man? Doing it myself will familiarise me with the circuits and the components. If i get the fear before I start then there is an option available lol..

    I'm absolutely sure that Nicks stuff is top drawer, but that wasn't the question.. The question was does anyone have the wire colour codes / decent wire diagrams and info to do the looms yourself. Its only wire and circuits but its not so easy doing it blind .. I've got a fair bit of info now, and to be honest it doesn't look that difficult, with a few questions answered its probably less difficult than rewiring the bus from scratch with an aftermarket loom and generic VW wire schematic and hit or miss wire colour codes . The info is out there it just needs found and collated in one place for reference :) After a good read and familiarisation the decision could be made to go for it or buy in .. Im time rich ... and not in a hurry..
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  16. Agree with you on these would you know what to do on the side of the road when it cuts out - cause you know its going to misbehave at some point don't ya.

    One of the biggest lessons i learnt when I got my bay was when you replace something it disturbs something else and no more so with the electrics; its fair to say i've had more than my fair share (in my opinion) of being dragged back home by the AA / RACQ crew just to find it boils down to the fact of wiring issues.

    I soon got to learn how to read electrical schematics and now keep A3 laminated versions in the bus for the FFS moment and to help even more invest into an automotive electrical test probe (an example is like this - Im not saying buy this one, just first one that popped up). other than these two tools in my electrical box I have a few 4m electrical leads (12 AWG type of stuff) with crocodile clips on each end so I can start fault finding easier between the front and rear of the bus.. I have diagnosed so many faulty rear light clusters in minutes with this setup I don't usually go thirsty on club meets! ;)

    I'd give it a go mate especially with you being time rich, I'm sure it will reap rewards at some stage!
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  17. Retirement has its +s and - s :)
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  18. hi
    the wirining is not over complicated ...
    patience and cleanliness.
    good documentation
    know what you want to do with the ecu (under the bench or behind the tank?)
    the speed sensor improves low speeds
    (I started without, then I installed ... nothing to see ...)
    to test on a case by case basis!
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  19. Do not follow the busaru videos for a UK engine loom. They are not the same and you will end up with a scrap loom
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