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  1. Well I though about naming this thread "what size is yours?" but knowing the lot out there I decided to go for something less catchy... ;)

    I'm looking at replacing my steering wheel for an aftermarket one but I had a question about the size.
    Original steering wheel is 17''. It's great for driving (I can lean on it for long drives), quite easy to turn even at low speed (I don't have the original steering box). But it's not sometime too big! Makes climbing in and out the van a bit annoying. It's also a bit annoying to go at the back from the driver seat.

    So I was looking at smaller options. They do 15'', 16'' and 17'' options.
    Anyone running a smaller steering wheel? Do you have a picture? Some feedback?

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  2. try getting in and out of a split , you l have no knees ankles and a split head
  3. keep original its better
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  4. go smaller and it'll make the steering even harder

    IIRC the bay wheel was crash tested by vw (might be wrong) so its potentially safer than a home brew aftermarket wheel with a wooden rim that will splinter in a crash? I looked at this when i got my bay but decided to stock with the vw wheel, just added a nice leather cover.
  5. Sure you arent suffering from "big aftermarket seat syndrome" ?
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  6. My steering wheel is not hard to turn at 17''. I think 15'' would be too small. But could consider a 16'' one to reduce a bit the bulk with not much side effects.

    Very true!
    Combination of big aftermarket seat and short legs mean that I've to move the seat all the way forward. Leaving little room between the seat and the steering wheel.
  7. So actually you need new seats.;)
    If you are a smaller person then I would not choose any smaller diameter steering wheel.
    Dont change until you have tried parking your bus in the tiny spaces on the quayside at Padstow...

    Maybe find a steering wheel with the boss lower than the rim than a stock one to buy you space that way.
    Or get one of those welded chain and skulls wheels custom made....
  8. Mines the full 17", I did order a 15" one but I didn't even try it as it just felt too small. [​IMG]

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  9. [​IMG] 17”” 15 seemed too small

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  10. ..mines 14.5” og vw 1303 black&yellow renner steering wheel..I still can lean on it and it feels so much better in corners..but I have power steering fitted..and that makes a world of difference..otherwise I would stick to the og s/wheel..

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  11. Nice wheel.. but the rim is lower than stock.
  12. I've a steering rack installed on my bus and it makes turning the wheel at low speed much easier (not too the point of a power steering but definitely much lighter than stock. So steering has never been my biggest issue when manoeuvring.

    Regarding new seats, your probably right. I've mgb seats at the moment but I didn't do a very good job when fitting them so they rise a little too much. I'm planning on installing some lower seats at the same time as the new steering wheel.

    14.5? Do you have the indicator stalks stickibs out?
  13. ..yeah..they r sticking out abit..imo 16” rim would do the job just perfectly on the bus..but not sure if any aftermarket rims in this size ever come out?..the key imho is to not have it too low and my wheel despite its size does the job coz its quite high which makes the drive and turn comfty

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  14. You do have a choice , as they sell spacer bosses to raise the wheel by 35mm , but I decided not to go with the extra expense and I’m happy I didn’t

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  15. I'm going to trya 16'' I think. Just ordered one. I'll let you know how it feels.

    Is this an SSP wheel? Do you have a link for the spacer kit?
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  17. Scarborough racing ! But can’t seem to get on there website ? You could try

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