Steering coupler problem - twisted

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by illzlee, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Got it off eBay a year ago, guy had about 10 sgf ones which apparently are one of the better aftermarket items

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    Have you checked your indicator self cancel still works?

    Also, possibly not yours, but I suspect a lot of couplers look so knackered as people employ various methods to remove the steering wheel, damaging the coupler far more.
  3. The ball bearing ring on my steering column at the top had several cracked components, I believe caused by the impact of blubber on the steering wheel, which had cracked spokes.. and the passenger seat had been totally flattened onto the tub. A team of walruses...

    The steering used to crunch as the pieces went round.

    I wouldnt whack that bearing with a hammer via the steering column..
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  4. If you hammered it and it moved maybe the clamp holding the T shaped bit on top of the steering box is (now) loose, or you have driven the input shaft down in the steering box.

    Probably was better to lift up the switches to match as the inner steering column in your pictures looks like it was in the right place relative to the floor before you whacked it...
  5. ^this, possibly. Worth checking the clamp on the steering box hasn’t moved down. The length of the inner steering column is what it is. If hammering has moved it down, something’s...moved
  6. Thanks all for the comments, shakedown test this weekend. I lifted the column upwards to allow access so hopefully its slid down back into original position

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