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  1. Afternoon all, as stated above how do you check the oil level of the steering box (with it in place on the bus)
    Also, Can you get to the plug to refill if required ?
    its a right hand drive later box if that makes any difference

    Thanks in advance
  2. take of the boob shaped cover at the base of your steering collom, prize up the red plug on the top of your box and filler her up until its at the top of the plug hole. put the plug back in. jobs a good'n
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  3. i was wondering if you can get to it from there, wasn't sure, thanks @RM92
  4. Make sure it is clean on top of the steering box before pulling the red plug out.. Mine was so covered in dirt I really had to take it out and clean it up. And replace the seals to stop the leak.


  5. Going to have a look tonight. Box is in place with no leaks although I don't know how much oil is in it....
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  6. Has anyone managed to source a new filler plug ? Mines a bit beyond
    Oil level now done. Don't think there was much in it. Let's see if it starts leaking out !
  7. tried this and couldn't remove collar, whole column seemed to move and tbh forgot all about it will have a look at weekend if I can remove it. :(
  8. Screws round off?
  9. Nah removed all screws and tapped threads still couldn't budge the cap more than a few mm
  10. Crickey! Has the collar been painted a few times?! Wd40?
  11. Emery tape round the tube ? To remove the paint
  12. :theforce:will have another look, just assumed I was missing something
  13. If it is any help, the cover bit on the bottom of my steering column (build date October 1973) does not want to come off and never has despite pushing and pulling to the point where I was scared to break it.
    I disconnected the steering column from underneath via the two bolts, and unbolted the steering box to get at it.
  14. will try but if I need to remove drag link may be an issue, hoping to get to techenders so may ne a job someone can show me there,
  15. Did mine this morning.
    Needed about 50-60ml to fill it to the top.

    I don't think I have a leak. The box is very clean really.
    But I didn't think they should need topping up at all?

    I shall keep an eye on it.
  16. What's best oil. I have been told ep140
  17. I had that found a different job to do .

    Just seen how old the tread is !
    Did you ever get the collar up @the 3 crispies ?
  18. So what do you recommend some say ep90 but i have heard ep140. Any steering box gurus that can help.
  19. Boggo EP80 or 90 will be fine. Fill the box until it overflows.
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