WANTED Starter Mounting Bracket

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by james cunliffe, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Starter mounting bracket or old bell housing wanted to enable a floor test for a type 4 1979 CJ engine

    Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

    Thanks for looking
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  3. I might have to rethink. Too expensive to waste on use for bench start. Max I want to pay is 60 I might try and fabricate a plate to weld onto my engine yoke.

    Thanks for reply
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  4. I've now exausted other options and your offer is good.
    If still available can you please e-mail with payment details and address.

  5. I have a type 4 engine cradle/yolk with starter mount which i am using at the moment but will be available April/May time if you can wait.
    £50 + postage. Or you can pick up from Sheffield.
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    Email sent
  7. Thanks for the offer but have now purchased the bellhousing. I have a stand and yoke but no starter mount. I was told that the starter mount would only be suitable for a light flywheel.
  8. Yes the spiggot for the starter on the yolk fowls the larger flywheel

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