Stanford Hall show time again

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  1. One show i've been saying i'm going to next year and never made it.
    I'm dog sitting for all of May for the inlaws this year. Can't really cope with bringing 4 dogs and can't leave them at home with Fran and coming on my lonesome. :(
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  3. Think its £10 each person on gate. I paid only same for pitch. Just roll up before splitties do and your fine. There is camping too off site but were only an hours drive. All info on website will try do a link later

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  4. gotcha, thought there was a night before camping for clubs.
    so it's just the normal entry but if you get there early enough you get let into the show area?
  5. there is camping over the way. the club pitch is pre-booked (by the 3crispies) and you can park there, still pay the same entry but with closer paring basically!!
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  6. Soz its not £10, yeah as above we parked in there carpark for a few years but its bumpy and nearly ripped off our exhaust so last year we were in club displays which worked as we could leave all our crap in van to save long walk;
    I will book this week !!!.

    per adult and over 14s.
    Children (aged up to 14) enter free.

    Please note this does not cover admission to the house.

    Dogs are allowed, but MUST be kept on a lead and under control at all time
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  7. I'm neither blind nor deafo_O;)
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  8. But, however, somewhat cranky on a monday evening.
  9. Monday isn't it!
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  10. You going to camp night before?

    Iirc I camped night before & after.
  11. Possibly. The year before last we found little site not too far away that had lovely views across the landscape there.
    We weren't there last year hence my questions regarding the club stand.
    Did you stay on the site opposite Ray?
  12. I did stay opposite. Not quite a proper site but was good enough.
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  13. I'm up for this again if there is space on the club pitch please?
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  14. Who is in the green bus in this pic far left ???

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  15. Thats mine.

    Would like to be on the pitch too if there's space. :thumbsup:
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  16. Pmd u

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  17. Whereabouts are folk camping, be great to have some company?
  18. 1 spot avaliable.
    Pls pm ta

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  19. We are going anyway camping night before if there’s room in the line up book me in
  20. all gone sorry

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