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  1. This is a picture taken on Brighton beach in 1955 :D
    F7DD385B-52AC-4D1C-A5DE-12B155155543.jpeg I’ll start oh they used to use waste paper bins then ................
  2. Looks like a normal TLB mods day out
  3. Queue for the sea trip today started early :)
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  4. Northern cap being worn can’t afford bnb :thinking:
  5. AR MUCH!!!!!!!!
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  6. Rip off Britain started by norf talking about sarf :)
  7. I hope the old girl he’s laying on doesn’t crash one down :eek:
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  8. That photo takes me back to good memories when I was a kid and my parents dressed up and Dad with his suit and Northern cap and Mum in a flowery dress and hat and we had deck chairs and ice cream and fish and chips and a boat trip from the shore. and the steam trains into Brighton station, wonderful. There were the 2 piers and the running Volks Railway. A simple life which modern stressed out folks don't get now.
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  9. Baz they don’t eat pigs logowlz :D more trotters n brawn :D:thumbsup:
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  10. Poptop2

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    Gin isn’t as strong as it used to be.
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  11. 523A86EA-994A-4B06-987D-C91BD270D6EC.jpeg
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  12. Me too. Always went to Brighton as kids. My dads home town :)
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  13. Easy barneys’s wearing a hat;)

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  14. ..and the bins were full of paper - with no sign of any plastic.
  15. Anyone remember train mystery trips in the summer holidays? The whole family would pitch up at the station and wouldn't know where they were heading until the guard came around with a hand out and the time the train would leave for home. Once went all the way from Newport to Margate and watched the Teds and Mods having a tear-up.
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  16. And so it began.

    Spice zombies.
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