Speedo just stopped working.

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by ginger ninja, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. The cable hasn’t disconnected at back of dial or at the back of the wheel. Is it probably just time for a new cable?
    Any ideas?

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    Probably the cable. Take it off at the wheel end and pull the cable through. If it’s complete feed it back and check the speedo gubbins
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  3. Thanks mate. One of those annoying fiddly jobs that I adore!

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  4. .... it's why you love it... reminds me..I've got to take the speedo out and fix that trip meter grub screw thingy ..

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    If it is broken and you have to replace make sure you get the right one. I think there’s LH and RH drive versions and spurious shorter one that is too long for LH drives and two short for RH drive. It may a beetle one that gets in the mix. Either way check length before ordering!
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  6. Great advice. Thanks so much.

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  7. Yes - LHD is shorter as it runs off the nearside front wheel hub.
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  8. look at the end that comes out of the cap if the c clip is missing it might just have pulled through
  9. Unscrew the cable from the back of the speedo. Next time you’re out for a drive reach under and feel if it’s spinning. That way you can determine which end is at fault.

    I’ve seen the square hole in the dust cap on the N/S wheel round off to a lack of care replacing/rubbish quality aftermarket parts/missing Clips etc. Agree with @shielsy that cables pulling back can cause a failure too (but easily sorted).

    If you fit a new cable take care when re-routing it to ensure there are no kinks/tight corners which can cause the needle to ‘judder’.
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  10. As an aside; a couple of years ago someone I know needed to fit a new cable to his Mexi-beetle. Rather than do it himself (which is really easy) he took it to a local garage.

    This resulted in him having to source a new front spindle?!? God knows what on earth they did to it! I never got to the bottom of the reason why. I got involved when they neglected to fit the correct wheel bearings to match the spindle resulting in a wobbly wheel!!
  11. To test you can take the cap off and connect a drill to the wheel end of the cable. While you're giving it the beans ask someone to check the speedo. Remeber to set the drill anti clockwise to match the rotation of the wheel when travelling forward.

    When I did this I found the problem as when I pulled the drill away from the hub the last 6 inch of cable came with it.

    Problem identified. New cable ordered.
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  12. Thanks very much everyone. Very helpful as always.
  13. If the square hole in the nsf grease cap has gone round, hammer it with a ballpein hammer to close the hole a bit, then file a square hole again with a 5mm wide needle file.
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  14. Hello. Got around to taking the hub cap off. The cable had snapped. But I haven't pulled the outer casing of the cable off the back of the wheel yet. Does it just pull off? I don't want to break it. The cable is disconnected at the hub cap end and the speedo dial end. I've pulled the snapped end through from the hub cap end. Just need to remove the outer casing from the back of the wheel and remove it and I'm a bit scared!

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  15. Quick thread hijack....what’s happening when you’re driving along at 40 ish and suddenly you’re doing 70/80/90mph?

    Defo the speedo as all the usual vehicles were still overtaking, Prius, three wheelers, electric bicycles etc. Seems to happen when it’s cold?
  16. Our corsa did that....had to go to have the electronic gubbins sorted and then re-programmed......oh forgot .....it's a Bay ! Lol
    That'll teach you to hijack a thread!
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  17. It just pulls out, sometimes needs a good hard tug whilst wiggling it with a pair of grips from the backplate
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  18. Thanks a lot. I was hoping that was the answer!

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  19. If you are struggling you can drift it initially to get it started if you have a long enough drift
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  20. At a guess a bearing has gone inside yhe mechanism and the spinning magnet is touching the aluminium cup attached to the needle and pushing it rather than dragging it round magnetically by inducing eddy currents in it.

    You might find you can reach around the back of the speedo and wiggle the sheath of the speedo cable. It might change.
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