South African with a 1969/70 Westy

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  1. Good day all

    South african bus owener with an August 1969 Lowlight Westfalia.

    Stumbled upon here looking for wheel sizes and offsets. Anyway i have a freshly restored westfalia thats the bigger brother to a 1974 SA built Beetle.

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  2. bernjb56

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    Welcome along :hattip:
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  3. Day

    Day Sponsor

    Ciao from the Italian Alps.
  4. Dubs

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    Welcome. :thumbsup:

    Let's see the bug as well. :cool:
  5. Welcome from a Sunny Nottinghamshire, home of the legend that is Robin Hood :D
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  6. Hello from Tufty;)
    Good looking bus.
  7. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Hello from cold Sheffield:)
  8. Hi from West Lancashire (15 miles north of Liverpool) - nice looking bus - drive it to UK - you could then sell it and it would more than pay for your holiday and return fare!

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