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  1. I have a little place in France in a village called La Charade (10 houses) near to Limoges (St Ettienne de Fursac and La Souterraine )Anybody looking to stop over in this area would be welcome to do so for a nominal fee. I am not always there but there is an English speaker there permanently. Facilities would include access to water, toilet and washing machine with electric hook up coming soon. I will post pics and maps later.
    PM me for details
  2. hello mate...:thumbsup:

    any pictures ?

    one day the tlb can just tour round France for next to nothing..:burp:
  3. Trying to find some before n after pics on the pooter. Just spent first week there not being bob the builder
  4. Some before pics
    Ill find some after ones tomorrow
  5. nice place to live mate lived nr la souterainne for 5 yrs want to drive back in hols but cant afford it gutted . looks like our house was when we bought it . keep at it u get there in the end .
  6. I'm planning a trip already!
    I'd be gone tomorrow if I could get the time off.
    I'm wondering if I could do it in late September or would the weather be too rubbish by then?
  7. Can be good but June July and Aug are better.
  8. Nice place...:thumbsup:
  9. some after photos




    House is now useable and also available to rent short or long term. 200 p/w peak 125 p/w off peak. Short stays welcome.

    You do not have to rent the house to stay with a van.
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  10. Sunny picture in after photos was taken in late october
  11. Spending a bit of time here. Not driven but glad we didn't because of the Calais situation. The weather is hot sunny and dry. Mid thirties until today now it high twenties. Is a big chill out and two weeks of resting and playing in the garden with the little one
    I've got no rentals lined up as I have not bothered advertising it but it's there for very low rates for TLB ers to use if wanted. PM me for more details if you want them. It's proper rural and very basic but serves a purpose.
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  12. bricho dept windows :D

    have you a garden round the back?
  13. I'll try and get some pics in the light tomorrow
  14. Behind the woodburner ,does that go in the kitchen? is it a old oven?
  15. It's a bread oven. Buried under the lean to at the side. It would still work if there was a proper fire in the hearth and in the hole under it. Photo bucket is slow for any more pics
  16. Le garden
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  17. wow ,fences are overrated in France..:D:thumbsup:
  18. It was originally part of a working cattle farm. Limosin brown cows. The barn and cattle sheds are just to the right of the photo. This little post and wire fence to the right is to keep cows and their calfs and some hoofin big bull called supersonic away from the house and garden
  19. Looks fab. Enjoy :)
  20. It's raining
    I'm goin home:(
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