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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Majorhangover, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Has anyone renewed their fuel lines with solid as opposed to rubber fuel pipe, making it up as you would a brake line, and would it be possible to get the thready bits (technical term) that would fit into an electric fuel pump, so the only bits of rubber would be - tank to filter - filter to solid and after a tee to the carbs, Would this stuff do the job?

    Views and opinion's please :)
  2. Diddymen

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    anythings possible mate.

    my concern would be metal fatigue of the pipe or union due to the movement/vibration from the engine
  3. Good point Diddy, When i got my van it had solid lines made up with the rubber bit to the mech fuel pump, i suppose it would need rubber from the chasis to the bit by where the mech pump would be to take up the difference in movement between engine and chasis.
  4. Diddymen

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    thinking about it, you will probably always need some part of the fuel lines to be flexible , like you said to take up the movement
  5. ^ this. Nice idea, but lots of vibes around down that end, and this will work-harden even steel pipe (copper worse), so they may fracture. Stick with rubber!
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    As mentioned, it's its inability not to allow for much movement or flexion. You'll be surprised how much those engines rock around. It's fine for making up bits here and there. Done it before. As for the bits and pieces, anything is possible.

    If l am honest it does seem a lot of hard work for no gain. All you need to do with rubber hose is make sure it isn't rubbing against anything.

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