Solex poweeeer! Rejetting

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have the factory original 2-litre t4. Even exhaust.
    Should these be up jetted during rebuild?
    Reason being: rubbish fuel nowadays, plus vw seemed to err on the lean side (emissions fear).
    Anyone got any dyno readouts or hard info please?
    PS not found a supplier for the spindle bushes. They are NOT the Same size as beetle solexes, so eBay ones usual spindle worn down too(7.92mm maybe). KS who made the OE ones (not well) should send new ones , FOC.....


    I can get the bushes made for the type 4 carbs.
    Or give you the number of the chap that makes them ,you'd have to send him the worn carb though as there made to fit each carb.
  3. You could also drill out the carburettor body for something like 6x8x10mm oilite bushes, using a pillar drill with a depth stop, a 6mm drill for alignment, a sharp 8mm drill for the holes and a vice.
    Managed all four on my leaky progressive for the price of a drill , the bushes and some JB Weld to hold it together.
  4. Thanks both.
    I was aiming to do it myself to learn -and also then be able do any mates carbs free.
    The company that made the carb and bushings are still going, maybe they could put a kit together in future (pierburg, ks).
    If I had a lathe, maybe could machine some valve guides out.
    As a thanks, my tip is not drilling out old bushes, it's not easy with a wonky drill.
    I got a 10mm tap (cheap, like me). Got it square, after about 5 turns it should grip the bush and twist out. No drill damage to housing.
    I think the recon companies want to keep the info to themselves !
    PS these carbs were used as a football by last owner.
    The long wirey pump jet that lies down venturi is sheared off. I'm not sure if these just pull out with pliers as beetle.
    Mine ain't...
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  7. I will look into the oilite bushes. If they can make some to spec when the work us normal. The problem is the spindle wears too. Most bushes are 8mm ID. You can get imperial which are bit smaller least they are not plastic like oe.
    By the way if the pump jet that dangles into the venturi is missing, probably best to find another carb.
    As they came loose on older vw and fell in important bits, they made doubly sure these wouldn't. Pliers for removal aren't an option...

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