Solex carb refurb

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  1. Any recommendations on who to use. It's looking a little damp on the alternator side and smells like fuel. :(
  2. Sounds like a fuel hose leak or carb overflowing. Perhaps put a pic up to help diagnosis. When did you last replace the fuel hoses. Common problem is carb float valve worn and float bowl overfilling.

    All easy to fix yourself.
  3. Or just a cracked fuel hose:eek:

    A replacement fuel valve comes in the standard Solex service kit.

    Do all the fuel hose, otherwise you may find that because you touched one bit, another bit cracks and so on..
  4. Fit new butterfly bushes(brass)
  5. That won’t cure fuel leaking
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  6. It will if its leaking from the old nylon bushes.
  7. Closer inspection looks like it's around idle jet or coming from above. Will try and get it off later.

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  8. No fuel should be going down the carb throat unless the engines running and then the throat is under vacuum so fuel wouldn’t leak out of the spindle bushes it would pull air in.

    If fuel is leaking from the bushes with the engine off then there’s a float valve problem.
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  9. Few more pics.

    Just taken out the idle valve and cleaned it up. Was in tight enough. Valve at the top goes in and out. I have a spare upper gasket I will swap that over. Any other thoughts?

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  10. Dubs

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    The top gasket looks like one of the new, too thick type. They lift the top of the carb, and therefore the float height, causing the bowl to over fill.

    Either make a new gasket out of thin gasket paper, or put an extra washer under the needle valve.
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  11. ^this. No fuel should be running down the carb throat at any time.

    And ^this. That carb lid gasket looks a thick as a plank. It’s jacking the float valve up, making the carb bowl overflow. Much thinner gasket (about 0.4mm), or try both shim washers under the float valve.
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  12. Great I'll give it a try and report back
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  13. Found an old pict 34 to take a washer out of. The single washer in my current carb is on the left, the washers under this valve must be 10 x as thick. Does that look about right if I swap it over?

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  14. If you do that, it'll flood even more. With the right lid gasket, the stock washer should be 0.5mm.
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