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  1. Fitted but never used on the road. Located in Bideford. £1575. Contact me on here for phone details. 20160530_173430_resized.jpg
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  2. Hi

    I'm interested! Please could you PM me your phone details so we can discuss later. Cheers.


  3. Just out of come your selling it?
  4. Selling up as I cant find a garage to work on my bus :(
  5. Gutted man
  6. That looks well trick - good luck with the sale :D

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  7. Me too. I've been looking for a garage for 18 months. Bus has been in storage.. Cost of storage £1050 so far..Time to give up.
  8. Sad when you have to give up I would love this but similar situation to you no garage to work in so had to pay someone to do welding for me

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  9. Do you want to sell the roll over jig?
  10. Not mine to sell.. This is the late bay roll over jig.. Free for members to borrow.
    itsadubthing has it at the moment.
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  11. Nah - not for me that new fangled red 9 stuff
  12. haha, what, like a new fangled jap engine?
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  13. No drama.
  14. Is this sold?
  15. Not sold yet swanners has shown an interest so has first dibs.
  16. You sold the rest of the bus?
  17. No i've not advertised it yet.
  18. Might be worth advertising the bus with the beam, it would make life easier if it all goes together ?? Make it easier for someone to collect with wheels on :)

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