FOR SALE *SOLD* iPhone 6 with 64GB memory. Factory Unlocked

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  1. Excellent condition iPhone 6 with the larger 64GB memory, unlike most for sale which only have 16GB.
    Great if you take lots of photos.
    No cracks or chips to the screen, only a small scuff to the top corner. No other damage.
    Battery life currently 98% according to Battery Health Check.
    The Touch ID does not work, but the actual Home Key functions perfectly.
    No box or accessories apart from a charging cable.
    Space Grey.
    Message me if interested.
    No connection to iCloud or anything like that as I have erased all my information and reset to factory settings. Great phone, I just got an upgrade so need to get rid of this one.
    It's located in Fordingbridge, Hampshire and I wouldn't normally want to post anything like this, but thought I'd put it up on here as well as ebay, facebook marketplace, and gumtree on the off chance.
    Collection preferable, or TLB courier etc.
    I'm looking for £150
    IMG_3137.JPG IMG_3138.JPG IMG_3139.JPG IMG_3140.JPG IMG_3141.JPG IMG_3142.JPG IMG_3143.JPG

  2. Hi , poss interested I’ll pm you after tea !

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  3. Just spoke to the wife and she isn’t all that keen on a grey one ! Apologies .

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  4. Ah no worries.
  5. My significant other has been swearing at her Samsung S3 for a year now (had it 5) ... and the 60th is looming ... and we're sort of down your way from Glos via Kent the first week in July ... so this could be "the one".
    Can I "dibs" it and confirm later this evening when I've checked it'll fit the bill? :)
  6. Yeah no problem. :thumbsup:
    If you're looking at a birthday present for a birthday with a zero at the end though, it is 2nd hand, and the touch ID doesn't work as I said in the advert. Just so I'm being entirely fair here and wouldn't want you to be disappointed. It's a fab phone, but I was due an upgrade and so it should go to a new home. Don't want to do myself out of a sale, but I'm nothing if not honest.
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  7. Well the REAL 60th is the bus that was a secret for six years and then went "mammaries up" thanks to my "welder" cocking things up ... I bought a ready cooked one instead, with a pension pot, which is going to be a workhorse at weddings mainly, so she's KIND of had the proper present already but ............ Long story basically!
    It would get a case so scuffs will be soon forgotten...
    Might be into "ono" territory because of the touch ID though ...
    Will pm once I've checked she isn't going to "throw it out of court".
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  8. Fair enough! Scuffs are very minor, but just wanted to be sure you realised about the fingerprint ID thingy.
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  9. :thumbsup:
    Just waiting on the boss's return...
  10. Bump. Still got it; anyone want it?
    I’ll throw in a new case I got.....
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  11. A quick coat of paint would soon fix that:D.
  12. *Sold*
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