FOR SALE SOLD 1976 Westfalia Campmobile, LHD, 2 litre Fuel Injection

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  1. Have decided it's time to sell PeaSoup.

    It's a LHD 1976 2.0 litre, fuel injection, Westfalia Campmobile (Berlin) T2. It was originally a US bus that at some point ended up in Japan, where it was then imported in to the UK - I don't know any more of it's history than that. I purchased it in 2012 from the dealer who imported it, and have been doing a rolling restoration on it ever since.

    Being 1976 it is now Tax and MOT exempt. I will however be getting an MOT done on it in the next week or so for my own peace of mind. Last MOT expired a couple of weeks ago.

    I pretty much gutted the van and rebuilt/renovated the interior keeping it very true to the original Westfalia, while adding a few more modern tweaks like LED lighting, a heater and a compressor fridge to make it more comfortable.

    Not much is left to do restoration wise, with the main things being replacing some window seals and finishing off the tidying up of the bodywork - structurally it's very solid, but there are a few patches/bubbles that need dealing with, and the paint job isn't brilliant where it has been patched over the years.

    I have done loads to it in the past 6 years including:

    Replaced all fuel lines with bio-ethanol lines
    Had gearbox rebuilt by Bears
    Replaced all gear linkage bushes
    Replaced heater cables (heating works)
    Added booster fan on heating
    Replaced front window seals, channels, scrapers etc.
    Fitted new wiper spindles
    New steering idler pin
    New Steering damper
    New front brake calipers and pads
    New Fuel Injection electrical harness
    Fuel injectors cleaned
    New vacuum hoses on whole FI system
    Renovated Bosch distributor (correct one for model/year) with electronic ignition module
    Fitted new cab door, tailgate and engine lid seals - the good, soft grey ones
    Reworked kitchen unit to fit Waeco compressor fridge
    Relaminated all cabinets
    Removed original fridge so that I could fit full width bed
    Turned 3/4 width bed in to full width, with new replica Westfalia hinges from NLAVW, replica matching plaid material and new foam cushions
    Added seat belts in the rear - 2 x 3 point belts with riser brackets, and a center lap belt
    Replaced rear bed section and pop-top bed foams
    Replaced site/hob with new Smev unit (very similar style to original)
    Fitted Propex gas heater
    Fitted 50 litre water tank
    Fitted water pump and tap for sink
    Level gauge for water tank
    Fitted high current dual charge relay
    Replaced 110v hookup with 240v
    Fitted 10amp battery charger
    Fitted 200 watts of solar panels to poptop (total output from 3 panels)
    Fitted 20 amp solar charger (dual battery)
    Fitted 110AH leisure battery
    Fitted Oil pressure gauge
    Fitted Oil Temperature gauge
    Fitted Battery voltage gauge
    Fitted O2 sensor to exhaust and AFR gauge
    Fited Kenwood CD/Radio with remote control
    Fitted speakers in the rear
    Added wired AUX input to radio from the rear
    Fitted flip down LCD screen with wired input in rear
    Added multiple 12v sockets around rear seat and bed
    Added LED lighting all round including in poptop - all individually switched, plush switches to turn all on in one go
    Moved spare wheel to front mount, and with a VW logo'd cover
    Fitted new poptop canvas and seals around poptop
    Fitted side step
    Had new seat covers made
    Fitted new seat surround mats
    Fitted new carpets in cab, walk through and back
    Added sounds deadening underlay in cab area
    Added sound deadening and insulation all around
    Fitted new kick panels
    Fitted new ply flooring
    Fitted remote central locking to cab doors
    Fitted alarm and 3G GPS tracker
    Fitted engine bay fire extinguisher

    It comes with:
    - Westfalia folding table - relaminted to match everything else
    - Westfalia Cab table and leg - not relaminated, but have spare laminate to do it
    - Westfalia (non faded) curtains all round - including windscreen and half moon
    - Westfalia cab bunk
    - JK Cover
    - Haynes manual
    - Various bits to finish restoration - including replacement opening rear side window, new windscreen and rear side window seals, sliding door seal, tailgate (that needs painting - one on there has some bad rust)

    (Buddy box as seen in the photos "probably" won't be included - it's not an original one and I have a planned use for it)

    Now for the bad...

    I had the engine completely rebuilt about 3 years ago by an (at the time) highly recommended engine builder, and since then have been having issues with it running hot.

    I spent over 2.5 years working with the engine builder trying to get it sorted, and then after him throwing his hands in the air and giving up on me, have spent 9 months myself with my limited engine knowledge trying to resolve it myself.

    It is currently running with another engine that I have done a top end rebuild on myself using the heads from the first rebuild, and while it isn't running as hot as it was after the proper rebuild it is still hotter than it should be. This makes me think it might be the heads at fault as they are the common link, but no idea.

    I haven't got the money at the moment to be able to get another engine for it, or to pay someone else to sort it for me, and have completely run out of ideas, time and enthusiam for it - and this is the main reason for selling - I'm giving up!

    Add to that the fact that as we haven't been able to use it properly for 3 years we have come to like camping in a tent and so don't feel we'll give it the use it deserves once the engine issue is resolved.

    I'll happily go through in detail with anyone interested everything that has been tried with the the heating issue, but it's too much to write here.

    I think someone that knows what they are doing should be able to sort it quite easily and it will then be a brilliant van for someone. But not me :(

    From looking at the prices similar vans are going for, and taking in to account that some money will need to be spent, I'm looking for in the region of £13,500 for it.

    Would also consider part exchanging (money my way) or swapping for a T5.

    The van is located in Kidlington, Oxford.

    Please contact me on here if interested.

    Note - as this is a for sale thread I don't want this to become a discussion of the engine heating issue and so if you want to talk about that please message me separately.



    Photos quickly taken today - I'll try and do some better ones soon.

    IMG_2882.JPG IMG_2883.JPG IMG_2885.JPG IMG_2877.JPG IMG_2878.JPG IMG_2880.JPG IMG_2881.JPG IMG_2876.JPG
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  2. I've seen this bus in the flesh, it's lovely

    Sorry to see you selling up!

    All the best
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  3. Nice looking bus - good luck with the sale
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  4. Gearbox rebuilt by bears you say? :eek: That’s some major ursine skill there :D

    Lovely looking bus too. Do love a Westy, and a Berlin to boot. GLWS
  5. A sad day but someone will get a beaut :(

    Good luck with the sale .

  6. There's something about that colour that I just love.
  7. Have lowered price a bit, and would consider sensible offers. Also willing to part exchange or swap for a T5.
  8. Hi Nick,
    Very nice van,
    Is it sold ?
  9. Thanks. Yes it sold. Sorry.

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